" Swordman " on TV Tonight

For those who have followed the fascinating and moving saga of Swordman concerning his service during WW2 in the Royal Engineers on this forum there will be an opportunity to see the “ old buzzard “ , as he describes himself , in a programme “ After The War Was Won “ at 21.00 on Freeview Ch 12 today .
Just seen the advert for tonight programme, do you think it was Swordman the old Girl was on about living in a brothel for four months? Thats some stamina.
From one of his posts .... a photograph of the gentleman ..

Is it just me or are the sound levels all screwed up when the voice over chick is on? Shame, as it looks good so far
I agree .... I loved the bit at the end when Swordman said he blew his demob pay on girls !


Book Reviewer
Good programme totally cocked up with the sound performance. I thought the idea was to have the music in the background of the commentator, not drowning out. What a shame.
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