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Seeing your post has (or rather would if I could ) put a spring in my step, good to see you again .
Best wishes.
Not many of my lot at the Cenotaph this year. Too damned old mates.....
You were there, Pal, and that's what matters. If your mates were too dead to attend it's hardly their fault. Respect to you, and consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Best Wishes, and hope you get a few more out of it.
How you doing Swordman?


When I purchased a copy of Swordman’s excellent book I said I would write a short review. My main interest in the book was some of Swordman’s accounts of Market Garden and the the idea that part of his trek through Europe from D-Day onwards must have been similar in some ways to my Dad’s. My Dad had written about some of his experiences and the rest I had to piece together from the odd tales. So last year when I had some free time I took Swordsman’s book and my Dad’s notes and headed to the beaches in Normandy. I then started retracing routes from Normandy, through France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This year I plan to finish the journey by going to Bückeburg, the furthest point east in my Dad’s small part in the liberation of Europe. It was quite a sobering experience looking at the likes of Caen, Falaise and the areas roundabout and trying to imagine what it must have looked like back in ’44. Along the way there were more than a few dusty moments of reflection. Swordsman’s book made an excellent friend along the way. I’d recommend it to anybody who may have a similar journey to make.

Swordsman; I can assure you the mud in the east of the Netherlands hasn’t changed one jot since you were here. It has a capacity to stick to everything and get everywhere. You’re book also solved an puzzle I had. My Dad mentioned a few times in the past he was presented to Montgomery and that he had received an award and that Monty had personally thanked him for his work. I never knew what it was he had received but in your book you mention Monty’s certificates so this may have been what he received. Unfortunately I never found it. My thanks to you for taking the time to write about your experiences both here and in your book.
I got Swordman book and it a good read. I have not been on the net for awhile. How is he doing anyone know?
Last seen here on 9th Feb according to profile.
Anyone in touch with him?

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