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Sword Knots

Discussion in 'Officers' started by emptyeye, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Anyone got a step by step by step guide as to how a sword knot is tied (secured) to the Infantry pattern sword?

    And, is the PWRR sword knot the same for any other other units of the line?

    Not a wah!

    Edited to add: Googled, no luck either
  2. Or a photo will do!!
  3. Is this any good?

  4. Thanks DS...dunno.I have a recollection that it meant to be tighter.I thought the knot was at the bottom of the pommel, and more secure Im not sure, but I think cavalry (pictured) swords have it loose like that..thanks anyways
  5. You are dead right.

    The sword knot is simply looped onto the top end of the narrow part of the guard and left to dangle if you are a cavalryman, or an infantry field officer or the adj. Less exalted infantry officers wrap the strap around the guard as many times as possible and the acorn part then sticks out forrard from beneath the little finger when in the 'carry swords' position.

    The effect you are seeking is rather like whipping the end of a rope - the problem is wrapping the strap tightly and then getting the acorn under the turns.

    In fact, you can't do it that way, you have to start with the acorn in position and then do the wrapping - but I have no idea of how you then secure the loop end of the strap. So that wasn't a lot of help, was it?
  8. Does this help?

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  9. Thanks Fred

    It only shows the strap of the complete knot through a gap in the hand guard, its still more then Ive seen in a long time, but still helpful.

    Didnt think this would be so hard to find out, maybe an email to the All Arms Drill Wing might help
  10. That's the start point, pull the strap all the way through until the base of the acorn is flush against the handguard. Then bind the strap around the handguard alternating above and below the acorn. There's probably about 2 turns above and 2 turns below. Then tuck the excesss away behind the handguard and pull tight.
  11. Thanks Fred

    Got a pic of the finished article?
    Or a step by step pic or two

  12. Crikey, demanding or what!

    These 2 should give you a general idea.

    First is the finished article or thereabouts, second is work in progress.

    Suggest you give it a go and see how it looks.

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  13. Before anyone comments, yes, my sword needs a polish and my knot is dog-eared or battle worn as I prefer to think of it..
  14. Well done Fred, good job, I dont care what everyone says about you, I think your a good lad..

  15. I have done it s slightly different style.
    Agree with the start pushing clear end of knot through hole in sword. however leave the acorn on about 1 inck of slack.
    wrap the rest of the loop around handle several times working your way over the inch spare you left until the final go around. Finish by popping the acorn through the loop at the clear end end of the knot. Thus holding it all in place.

    Keeps it tight I copied this from a colleague who had one that was press stud into position the damn cheat!

    Hope this helps