Sword Knots

Discussion in 'Officers' started by super_geed, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. super_geed

    super_geed Swinger

    I am recently commissioned and am having trouble affixing my sword knot to my sword. Can anyone give me a steer as to how this should be done? And where can I get a sword webbing belt and sling loops from?
  2. I am afraid I do not have any sterrs any more; I gave my last set to a cavalry subaltern around 2002. Sometimes a good armourer can fashion a sterr from the smoke discharger taken from a Ferret or even a Fox.
    Have you tried the Regimental Quartermaster Sterrgent at Pirbright? He is the Army authority on sterrs.
  3. CATGI

    CATGI Old-Salt

    Pass the looped end through the hilt, then thread the tassled end through the loop, pull tight.
  4. superglue
  5. smudge67

    smudge67 Crow

    A staple gun should do the trick, see your friendly AGC clerk.
  6. Baz44

    Baz44 War Hero

    Sword knot for standard 1897 Inf Patt sword - I was always taught - pass the loop of your knot (the end without knot) throught the appropriate hole from inside to out, though not too much. Wrap the remanider of the knot from sword handle outwards along the hand guard approx 3 times finally passing knot through loop you had made ealier (might be a squeeze). When finished you should have three twists arund the hand guard (or whatever it is called cannot be arrsed to look up correct terminology) with knot facing forward through loop when sword held upright correctly. Seem to remember it was all about getting lengths and tensions in the right proportions and experimenting! (oh and not taking it of once you had it right)

    Personally I always buggered it up until a promoted officer gave me one that was preset and just press stud together around the right place and looked perfect - job done!

    Hope this helps

  7. Idrach

    Idrach LE

    Which regiment or corps - it differs (not surprisingly)? It also differs between the brown or black ones for with SD and the white / gold / whatever ones for with No1s.

    Ask your Adj or Senior Sub?

    Reg tailors, Thieves & Sharks, eBay (if you know what you are doing and it doesn't sound like you do, you can try here), Reg 2nd-hand uniform shop (your best bet for vfm).
  8. JonnyCash

    JonnyCash Crow

    Can anyone help me with attaching my scabbard to my sword hangings? I have a belt that goes under my blues jacket and two gold sword hangings with buckles on that are very different to the ones we used at Sandhurst. I also have a nickel scabbard if that makes any difference.

    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.
  9. Jonny ask your Adjt - if he can't tell you consider joining a decent regiment.