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Greetings from the other side of the pond,
I am trying to help a friend identify and perhaps come up with some history for a sword he owns. It appears to me to be similar to a Model 1822 or 1845 Infantry Field Officer's Sword, however I have not been able to find a hilt that looks like this one's.
The known history of it is that it was captured by a US Marine on a Pacific island during WW2. So the thoery currently is that perhaps it was looted in one of the British colonies early in the conflict.
I do have photos of the sword, but didn't know the protocol here for posting. The blade has engraved (in front of the hilt) "F. Barnes" and underneath that, "London". It has the small brass inset disk saying "Proof" and overall it appears to have been very heavily decorated on the blade.
Any thoughts, requests for photo's, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Johnson
Hullo Eric,

Just put a photo up , but try not to make it huge!

You can link in from a post on photobucket or other digital hosting services.

Best regards

Looks to me like an 1822 pattern Staff Officers sword with what appears to be Indian work on the guard. As you said, probably picked up in Burma or Malaya.
Thanks Brewmeister. I wasn't sure if the hilt emblem was a regimental thing or if it represented a certain type of service (engineer, artillery, etc.)


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