Sword Beach - D Day

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Mikal, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. For those interetsed, I have posted here

    Sword Beach - D Day - 22nd Dragoons

    The account of the OC 22nd Dragoons taskforce landing on Sword and subsequent actions during the day.

    There's also an earlier topic in the same forum of the 3 day lead up.

    Tomorrow I'll be posting a final account by OC A Sqn, 22nd Dragoons written up on 7 Jun 44.
  2. This quote made me realise that any action I think I've seen doesn't even come close. It also sums up the human side of the landings, and the war in general, which is so easily forgotten.

  3. I posted this in part becuase there is an article in the latest Classic Military Vehicles magazine which implies all the flails did on Juno and Sword was to clear lanes on the beaches which is completely wrong.
  4. There is also an excellent account of the work of the 79th AD Breaching Teams in Bryan Perrett's 'Iron Fist'. You're absolutely right - the Crabs proved invaluable in providing direct fire support, as well as in flailing. In many cases, the LCTs carrying 79th AD actually overtook the Sherman DDs and landed first, so the Crabs were often providing the first tank support on the beach.

    Anyway, thanks for that passage - I've printed it off and will be using it to quote from on my next cadet tour in August.
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    There is a parallel thread on the RAC Forum:


    Relating the diary of a 13/18H. Just this morning I posted a comment about LCTs, late at the start line, taking the DDs almost to shore so that they hit the beach early.