SWOPO too good to be true?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by roninxix, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. An advert on here has drawn my attention. A internet "auction" site where you can bid for items and get them for (sometimes) ridiculous prices. Has anybody used this site and if so is it reccommended?

  2. Is it one where you pay for every bid you make?
  3. yes and the one that already has about ten threads dedecated to it.......thats why the search button is there :roll:
  4. I've typed in swopo etc etc into the search and it comes as only this topic. Could you suggest a search word that will show the 10 topics you mention.
  5. Oh fuck off you contrite cunt. Stop being arsy with someone because they have repeated a thread.

    Do the normal ARRSE etiquette and provide a link to the thread that already exists.
  6. :clap:
  7. Calm down,calm down.
  8. You pay 40p to bid and the bid are in increments of 8p (normally) so if the biding gets to £8 (from zero) then the bidders have paid £40. Thats why you see playstation 3s going for £80 because the company has already taken £400 by then.
  9. Someone once said, "if it seems too good to be true, it usually is".

    Bet he missed out on a lot of bargains
  10. Ladies thanks for the replies, some more useful than others.
  11. It looks like each bid adds a few seconds onto the end time too. This means you can't do the usual ebay thing and wait till the last second to put in a bid. Can I assume they dont have any auctions ending at really unsocial hours like 5am? At least then you might have a chance of under 100 people looking at the same item.
  12. It adds up to 20 seconds a time, when 10 people bid at the last second it add all of their time on.
    When the auction ends is up to the bidders the more that bid the longer the auction.
    They also have a thing called bid butler which is similar to you putting a bid on ebay over the asking price then when someone bids you automatically bid over them in the last 10 seconds even if you are not online (costs you 40p a time though). So even at 5am the bidding is still going on.
    They are even advertising goods at 100% off (if you win it you don't pay anything) I've seen LCD tvs at £800 100% off which means they have taken 4k in bids.
    Its allright if you want punt a few quid for a laugh and you might be lucky but there is absolutly no chance of guaranteeing you will get anything, especially as there are no shortage of bidders.
  13. Are the bid butlers preset at bidding 10 seconds from the auction end? Or can the bidder set the time? At least if it's preset you can be confident there are no bid butlers once the end time passes 10 secs, meaning my 5am plan may pay dividends.
  14. Its preset at 10 seconds, unless you have the winning bid when it passes the last 10 seconds you can't be confident of there being no bid butler (the winning bidder might have it set up)
    Ive come of the piss at stupid o'clock in the morning and logged on to see if anyone else is up. It's busy at any time of the day
  15. Balls, didn't think of that. I think I'll stick to drunkenly roaming eBay instead. It's always entertaining to see what sort of sh!te comes in the door next.