SWOFTYS Single Women Over Fifty?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. SWOFTYS: "GILF/Cougar, whatever, they're looking better these days. The 600,000 older females in Britain who are either spinsters, widows or divorcees have never been happier", apparently. Squidoo: "This the greatest time to be single and over 50. Women are free to seek love or sex without the constraints that they had when they initially were married". All true I fear. Know any do you? The 50 Sexiest Women Over 50 - Zimbio

    They're spending their freedom years eagerly embarking on new adventures doing what thy've missed.

    Grownup kids, grand children, just the wrong side of fifty but looks forty at most. Outwardly Mumsy, Granny, and demure, a complete con merchant to her family and a right little raver when you know her. It's the best, in bed, the best, like a 52 year old I know, and you wouldn't think twice there, either. They'll often use and abuse, and if you can handle that, fine. You'll get the best of everything, if only for a short time. They kick you out and crack on , when Game 's Over. Possibly the ride of your life.

    Sadly, though SWOFTYs might be livelier and more horny than they were a few years back ., they might experiment more and they might shag your brains out before morphing back to Mum and Nan again..... SWOFTYS can be short lived players, they're far too mature and independent, too experienced , and too committed to their offspring and grand-kids to commit to anything less than a large wallet and all the trappings they think they deserve. Men, they've shat em, they've sucked em in and blown them back out again.

    Try it, you'll love it. May be best not to stay on too long, enjoy the ride but know when to get off and go back to MILFs .;-)
  2. Never mind all that. I would (and I do, whenever I get the chance).
  3. Me and all, mate. There's deffo something in this....
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I am having the best time of my life, and they are all over fifty,well almost
  5. weelll. OK, but I prefer them a little more mature. At 50 some of them got a surprisng turn of speed. Fair knackering it be.
  6. The Perfect woman then, as they just wants to be licked, fucked and then forgot......
    Just like married women of all ages....!
  7. There were some stats a couple of years ago that said that women over 50 where more liable to take a man home on the first date. This was supposedly down to the fact that they knew what they were doing, knew what they wanted and knew how to get it.
  8. Same on the patch then!!
  9. I could just about stomach fucking one, but do you really want to plate one? Doesn't it taste like a discarded abbatoir doormat?
  10. Nope it don't at all . Some age very nicely :)
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    FFS: this is the interweb.

    Your phobile moan has - at least - a stills camera built in, and for under a tenner, you can buy a digital video camera that will fit inside a crash helmet (and can therefore be transported in the pocket and qucickly/discreetly installed in any boudoir)

    So where's all the pictures of all these fit kitless fifties?

    Or is this a thread where old gits like me just agree to agree that some old birds are fit, and shagging them is quite good.

    Not much scope for a long/good thread there, shureley?

    SO howsabout some happysnaps from (the aftermath of ?) your most recent "Grab A Granny" night . . . :-D
  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Glynis Barber (54), Nigella Lawson (51), Demi Moore (50ish) - I'd be on all three of them like a tramp on a bag of chips.

    On the other hand, that Gillian Whatsherface off I'm a celeb is around about the same age, and the thought of her burst-open clunge parking itself anywhere near my near-perfect facial features has me wretching up last night's Jack Daniels and carrots.
  13. Good putts, well pointed . Having a stash of such images from a home photo shoot, stuck away on the Laptop for rainy days, I can't, couldn't (won't then) post them. I really wish I could....but my knackers would be my earrings and there'd be no more....

    terribly sorry and all that ;-)
  14. I'd swerve it, in my experience anything over 40 usually has a hammered cunt that looks like a bag of labrador tongues with the midriff of a Yokozuna.

    It's also an uphill battle, you know you are going to fuck her, she knows it as well but you still have to walk around town with it looking your Mum is taking you to buy some new school shoes....

  15. great so when he is 55 she is 75, nice one