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Struggling with the concept of the 'Current Affairs' forum? :roll:

Edit: at the original poster rather than Flash, obviously.
Sorry about that chaps... had to dash for a pick up at news at ten... ;)

OK.... my out take is that I've seen every single country in NATO, and seen their top brass strutting about barracks on UK soil. Of course being HQ elements you'd not expect to see $hit on all their uniforms... particularly the gadges with 3 foot feathers in their caps (although to be honest some of them did come from the coal face).

The only ones who didn't feature were the usual suspects (neutrals).

Then I met Switzerland, "Break glass in case of major clusterfcuk in Europe" rep. Now we had the British Telemark Olympian Champion with us... this man had his wings, his propellers, he had the lot. His swiss counterpart (bless his softly spoken manner) was 8 foot between the eyeballs, and looked liked he fell out of the Alps by accident. Dwarfed us... utterly.

You might like to think of them as complete and utter do nothings... but believe you 'n me... they could hand more than half of Europe's arse back to them before they even knew it was missing...

Switzerland is a symbol of Europe fairness and equality, and you know it... if they are staging Left vs Right riots inside their own country... a country where even grannies have machine guns in the garage, then you must know that not all's well.

It's easy to conjure up a picture of "Swiss Army Knife"... but I'm telling you now... don't Fcuk with them.


You'd be a muppet.

When's their general election? If they do a France and swing in the Swiss equivalent of the BNP, I hope they do the whole lot and do the recount. But don't count on it chaps...


And that's the regs... the hard boys, you'd never find.


No prizes for guessing where i'm spending this winter ;)

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