Switzerland - Zuerich, Just arrived

Mr Happy

Gonzo said:
No need to rub it in.

B*stard. ;)
Hey, there's only four weeks of the ski season left and then we've got to go yodel across valleys... Its not all 35 hour work weeks with 6 weeks paid holidays per annum you know...

Mr Happy

I visited Bern a year ago on business, nice town. bit hilly, lots of antique furniture shops and a kicking airport....
Willkommen in Zürich then

It’s not big but it’s a nice place.......... and if you are looking for an “English Atmosphere” .go to the Nelson Pub

tschüss :wink:
Mr Happy said:
Just moved here, anyone else around?
Mr Happy, it is traditional for British servicemen ariving in Switzerland to send a message along the lines of "Auntie Mabel has arrived at the Hotel. Hope to see you all soon."

pause, two, three, cheers from assembled British prisoners!

Mr Happy

Been to the Nelson a couple of times, reasonable music etc.

I guess I'll be there later then... If there's a St Georges day celebration and all that...
Yep.....but yesterday it was just a very very disappointing thing :wink: :cry: and the music.....YEAK.....

the "dj" must have misunderstood something ......... :lol:

Mr Happy

Ahhh, I see from looking at your post that 01:30 that 'tomorrow' meant once you'd gone to bed and got up again, not... later today.

Ho hum, home then.

lots of Sunday Bloody Sunday stuff on the DJ's discs then?