Switching from Foreign Legion

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Dumb_GeorgeW, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. anyone know anyone who has done this? - did they serve the mandatory 5 yrs with the legion before switching?
  2. Spent one night in the British Legion before switching to the Mess. It was hell.
  3. Had a Canadian bloke from 2 REP come to 10 Para in 89. He was f*cking crap and couldn't tab for toffee. Kept moaning about "we never marched this fast in the Legion". Apparently the 5 mile tab we did on his first drill night was harder than anything he did in 5 years in 2 REP. Of course, he might be an exception. Personally, I think any Englishman who chooses to go and fight for the French should be hanged for treason :)
  4. We had one RAOC (as was) bloke who had gone AWOL and joined the Legion. To get a promotion he had to clear the outstanding charge, so we went AWOL from the Legion, came back and faced the music, got his discharge, then went back to the Legion and served his punishment from them! Now that's what I call devotion to duty!

  5. Fcuking 10 Para / Drill nights !!!....Are you fcuking serious.....give me fcuking strength.....Isn't there a separate forum for you wannabes.....

    Tell you what Matey, I'd like to see you, or any one of your 'pretender' mates hang any Brit FFL squaddie I know

    Get a job!
  6. Why do you ask ? Who you serving with right now ? What do you mean by 'switching' ?
  7. Many moons ago I read a book called 'Mouthful of Rocks' by a (London) TA Para who joined the FFL, made it to 2 REP, then deserted after 2 or 3 years.

    He was very critical of the Legion (and, I understand, he's not too popular with most FFL types), but I don't recall him saying that the phys was easy. (He served with some ex-British Army & RM regulars, again none of them are quoted as saying it was easy.) This was in the mid 80s, but I think if phys standards weren't too high, he'd have taken the opportunity to be critical .

    Leon - we might be part timers, but wannabes isn't a fair description of most of us. We have a few ex FFL bods at our TA centre, as well as a lot of ex-regs from the British forces. If what we did was a complete waste of time, I think most of them would quit.
  8. Guess from the fact he is 10 Para he has one, a proper one! ****!
  9. There is a REME NCO at AFC Harrogate who has done this and served in the KOSB in the mean time. I think he was invilided out.

    The only other person I know who has done was an officer who deserted from the Gunners to join the Foreign Legion. He later deserted from the Foreign Legion and ended up dead in Amsterdam.
  10. Guess we can't ask him then huh?

  11. Sorry it took so long to notice this reply! :) Mate, if you read it, that was 1989. Looooong time ago and been a reg since 90.

    So suck my hairy balls! :p
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I didnt know you could desert from Arsenal, I guess it has to be otherwise where would Chelski get all its fans!
  13. I believe the record holder for the individual assault course at RCB was an ex-FFL wallah who was with 23 SAS when we were onour RCB together. People were shyly admitting to having done six or seven obstacles and this bloke did sixteen in three minutes!
  14. I remember the Dead officer at JLRRA. He was going to join the SAS but failed and went for the FFL. He ended up dead apparetly due to a bad diamond deal
  15. What, he died twice? 8O Now THATS nails!