switching 2nd choice jod to 1st choice job

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Matt44, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I have past my barb and medical got my interview next week. However I'm wanting to change my 2nd choice jog to my 1st choice. Is this managable at this stage. Thanks for any advice.
  2. In a word, YES
  3. ok thanks do I need 2 tell him before the interview or will I be ok explaining at the interview. Thanks.
  4. any more advice on this one?
  5. Just give him a call in the morning and say u want to switch your 1st job choice with your second. He might ask a few questions but I can't see him saying no, just make sure your certain this time.

    Just me being a nosey little sheep shagger .. what are your job choices?
  6. first choice was ammo technician and second aircraft technician, am wanting to switch them around.
  7. how about yourself?
  8. Wanting to change mine around too as it happens - 1st choice is currently Welsh Guards but want to change that to Royal Welsh
  9. It Depends on if it is a Jod, Jog or Job...
    Jog i could let you get away with as g is close to b on the key board but unless you have fingers like pine-apples then jod is out of the question!

    I am not being very helpful am I?

    When I joined up many moons ago, it was about hitting quotas but as we are fully manned or there abouts, I would suggest that it will not make any difference, unless of course the job you want to switch from is badly under-manned. :D
  10. Would I be ok mentioning it when I go in just before the interview, or shall i ring up I ask as I no they are very busy at the moment.
  11. Send him a pidgeon with the message attatched if you like .. whichever way you do it, his answer will be the same
  12. I know I just don't want to be a nonsense
  13. Well its up to you. Either phone him and tell him you want to re-arrange your job choices or wait until your interview - simples.