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Swiss Reject Gun Law Referendum

I see that the Swiss have rejected the Gun Law referendum that would have seen serving reserve soldiers' weapons returned to central armouries and retirees not being allowed to to keep their service arm when they leave. (Contrary to what some of the ill-informed British press [so no change there then] have said they don't get to keep a 'fully automatic assault rifle" when they retire. The rifles have to be downgraded by the Federal arsenal to Self-loading.) As an aside, the only other item that they were allowed to keep in the past was their rucksack.

The nub of the winning argument was one of trust. The reservists and retirees are trusted with a firearm when in uniform why would they not be trusted when out of it. I remember a similar view amongst TA here in 1997 and some left because of the pistol ban. Not that the then government gave a shit.

The proponents of the referendum could only point to a reduction of the suicide rate with a firearm as a (doubtful) benefit. In spite of being the the third most heavily armed society on earth, Switzerland's homicide rate with a firearm is actually lower than the UK's. (One the most heavily controlled, in terms of firearms, societies on earth.)
The suicide argument was always completely fatuous. It's not like Switzerland doesn't lack for bridges etc from which to project oneself.

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