Swiss Alpenflage Jacket - 1955

I've managed to lay my hands on this jacket but know next to F@@K all about it.
I was given it to eBay and donate the profit to H4H. Other than a short description on I can't find owt.
Can anyone tell me any more and how much I should let it go for?



unfortunatly comman as shi-ite & not worth very much at all, lucky to get £20.00 for it... sorry :(
I think you'll find that it's not even Swiss. I lived in Switzerland for seven years and you'd see the lads cutting about in their DPM on most weekends. It looked nothing like that.

It does look like the original Swiss DPM, which used to have a value. IIRC, the Swiss used to destroy their old & surplus DPM so there was never any available anywhere - the scarcity gave it value.

Of course, that stopped a while back, the market flooded, normalized and prices ended up the same as every other national pattern. It certainly was 'of interest' a while back.
Thanks for the reply gents, I will ham it up a bit with the usual and get it sold. It looked gucci anyway.
MSR - chiefies eyes lit up like a small childs at Christmas when I showed him your work. I now need to get the employer notification done and we're away.
Many Thanks,

When you list it, make sure you use those magical letters that guarantee to up the value by 3 fold ----- SAS. It's for a ferkin good cause.

If some cnut believes that and is willing to part with cold cash for it then caveat emptor.

I believe it belonged to chris ryan when he was in mountain troop :)
Looking for something to make it extra crunchy?

Lots of Swiss Alpenflage to be found in the ranks of the KLA in Kosovo back in 1999.

Sooo, perfect for a member of 'Them' looking to blend in with his Albanian muckers whilst calling in NATO airstrikes on Serb positions.

Or even a member of the Int Corps looking to build rapport while meeting KLA fighters post conflict...allegedly.

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