Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Yesterday I was at a small dinner party at my best mates house, while serving up the roast lamb he informed every one that he was going to an swingers party. He has been invited by one of his female friends who is very liberal about her sexuality (that's a nice way of saying she's a bit of a goer who will sleep with anything - animal/vegitable/mineral). He says he is just going for a "look around" and will not sleep with anyone (but I some how doubt it).
    Having ripped the p1ss out of him and asking "What would you do if you end up in a gang bang and the leader of the gang is your Father?" and "will you be watching your drink? you don't want to wake up with a head ache and an arrse hole that looks like the Jap flag" and "take a camera and look out for MP's".

    Now I plan to debrief M*** when I get back from RT4 this weekend to find out how it went. However does anyone have any horror stories about swinging I can use to scare him with in the mean time. I some how doubt the attendees will be in the supermodel section of life...... more the overweight house wife in their 40's.
    Ladies and gents, your views and storys on this sordid toptic and any ways I can stitch him up. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  2. I've got nothing....
  3. I went to a wife swapping party years ago with Mrs Driver, I got two goldfish and a balloon.
  4. Would it be wrong for me to send him an offical looking letter from St Tom's clap clinic informing him he may have picked up a STD?
  5. Not wrong, I see it more as your DUTY
  6. Only if you don't post details of his reaction on here afterwards.
  7. No, but they are STIs now
  8. ...says the voice of experience :D
  9. No....what you do is send him a letter that apparently comes from one of the "participants" in the gang-bang informing him that she has just been for an HIV test and its positive.

    Hours of Fun.

    HOWEVER: If he turns round and says "She...oh, thats ok then" and screws the letter up, never speak to him again.
  10. done by consenting adults who are explorative? why not.

    ignoring the moral / ethical arguments, i'd recommend that your "friend" double bag himself with condoms.
  11. Yes, but draft it and hang on until after his second swingers event. Then send pronto, suggesting that someone at the earlier event had had a wee problem.
  12. VD, behave yourself young lady :oops:
  13. What ever happened to VD?
  14. I think she's still married to JD.
  15. We've still got STD at our exchange - the GPO said they can't see any reason to change.