Swinging arms "helps save energy"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theinventor, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Some bright sparks have discovered that humans evolved swinging arms to make them more energy efficient while walking. (full boffin type explanation available here)

    Silly me, never realised that the drill pigs were actually doing me a favour.

    "Now then, arms straight, press those thumbs forwards, get away and save some energy NOW!!!"
  2. And has nothing to do with the fact, that humans used to walk on 'all fours'. :roll:

    Hense when you 'pump' your arms on a run or tab, your legs go to the same rythem/speed...unless you're a complete spaz that is. :wink:
  3. My bold
  4. "Yeeeh, yer 'orible little man...!" quoth my Drill Corporal.... "Swing yer bleeding legs shoulder high, swagger, damn you. Put some swank and Swagger...put some ooommph into it..yer fat little b'stard...!"

    I really did want to learn how march the same way that Russian sodjiers march..... No wonder I facked up me knees.... Oh dear.... I am just waffling again... so it must be Java O' Clock.... time for another Coffee and Donut(s).... :cry: :oops:
  5. is that why "Tick Tockers" look so funny :D