Swineflu + Tamiflu = $$$$$$$ for Someone!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Gundulph, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Having just read this article and showed it to the other half, she's a Doctor and was amazed our Country is being duped into this, she says that Tamiflu is like giving someone lemon to 'cure' a cold! i.e. it is a drug that is being pushed as a cure for swineflu yet is absolutely useless and is no doubt just lining the pockets of health organisations/pharmaceutical companies who are pushing it... any medical people here on ARRSE who are saying the same? are we as a nation really that gullible?!

  2. Roche
  3. Mrs Warry has recently been "diagnosed" with swine flu over the phone and put on tamiflu. I would diagnose hay fever personally (if I were a medic). Still at least it means some of the millions of doses of tamiflu will be used up (at what cost ????) - and the Government can congratulate itself.

    Also funny UK has third highest rate in the world - one would have thought the slums of India, Bangladesh and China would be rife with it ?
  4. Claiming that we are looking at a possible 65,000 deaths over Winter will certainly occupy everyone's thoughts away from Afghanistan and the current crisis this Government is going through, and will add a nice hefty lump sum to the Government treasure trove through sales of Tamiflu during the forthcoming panic! can they sink lower than this?! 8O
  5. I've always thought that the media hype and over-the-top preparation was disproportionate to the actual threat for the virus.

    Within a few days of the first case reaching British soil the DoH dished out a contract to procuce squillions of medicines and then followed up with scare-mongering on a breath-taking level. The media are fuelling it too.

    20-odd dead so far and only a hand full with-out underlying medical conditions. Feck me, if the media/Government put this much effort into Teenage pregnancy/smoking/accidental overdoses Et al, then the place moght be a bit healthier.

    Some major pharmacutical is laughing all the way to the bank, probably to withdrawl more cash in brown envelopes to satisfy some greedy Government mandarin. :wink:

    Alos, Deaths expected between 3,000 and 65,000. That's keeping it specific :roll:
  6. http://www.badscience.net/2009/05/i-dont-really-get-why-people-are-chatting-about-tamiflu-as-if-its-all-that/ gives a bit of detail on tamiflu.

    WalterWarry as far as I understand it the original virus travelled around the world through tourists and business people on flights. A great deal more people fly Mexico-UK than Mexico-China so more people bring it back to the UK which means it can spread quicker. Have a look at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8083179.stm and you can see that the countries with a lot of reported cases are often the more developed countires (USA, Canada, Australia) Secondly swine flu has had a high media profile in the UK whilst most Indians and Chinese won't have access to this knowledge or be able to call NHS direct/999 so many cases will go unreported. Finally there are elements of luck with all of this.
  7. Yes, I suppose if third world countries had more technology at their disposal they could also hype things up to panic stations and diagnose themselves sick much more effectively.
  9. ...and by the time we all get one, the thing will have mutated,
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Local GP just went and blood tested someone who turned out to be H1N1 positive.

    Alledgedly as time GP did blood test out doors as that was safer than treating patient inside wearing a mask!

    And yet I'm sent to do FFP 3 mask training in case I have to see any positive patients.

    Obviously different advise for GPs and Dentists!

    Edited for irate spelling!
  11. Look who turns up in a Google search!


    We're doomed, all dooooooomed
  12. I know this is old news, but in the context of this report from the BBC that Tamiflu is regarded as useless and the UK wasted a staggering £473M on stockpiling something no more effective than paracetamol, and the report that the person who profited most from this deal was Tony Blair's old mate Paul Drayson (aka Lord Drayson, Minister of State for Strategic Defence Acquisition Reform) to the tune of a staggering £20M, this becomes political dynamite.

    This report states:

    It appears that a close mate of Tony Blair, Lord Drayson, was not only instrumental is screwing up our defence procurement policies beyond all belief, but he also appears to have made a killing out of selling useless drugs to combat a self limiting flu epidemic hyped up by government hysteria.

    Makes the whole Maria Miller issue seem like a storm in a teacup, doesn't it
  13. If you remember, at the time, this was the new plague and was going to wipe out whole cities. Panic was beginning to set in and we even, at the surgery I used to work at, had an "isolation" room where anyone with the sniffles screaming they had bird flu were put.
    The GPs weren't given tamiflu (the wonder drug) and had to send suspected cases to a specially run PCT clinic which gave them the drug and did a blood test for H1N1.
    Out of over 400 sent there, not one tested positive and the majority had a heavy cold.
    The newspapers now screaming about the wasted money were the ones originally screaming "something must be done - stock up on Tamiflu".
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  14. I went on a civvi course a few months back and there was a woman from a pharmaceutical company on it. She pointed out here company were making a killing string the stuff.

    The problem is that the government is now unwilling to take risks and throws money at perceived problems that rarely materialise because when they do they get criticised .
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  15. *shrug*

    The issue is that we eventually are going to hit a strain of flu that kills loads of people.
    Really, lots and lots and lots of people are going to die. Someday.

    Some/All of us might live to see it and die of it, some/all of us might not.

    And there isn't really a great deal that anyone can do about it. :)

    But, people will still expect Governments to "do something" buying Tamiflu was doing something. If we'd hit a mass killer, our lords & masters could point at Tamiflu, say it was the best hope we had and avoid being strung up on a metaphorical or literal lampost. Or not.

    Should we have three armoured divisions forward deployed (but with 48 hours worth of combat supplies) in case the Russians decide they like the look of Poland?
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