Swine Flu

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kingburn_99, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Did anyone see the live news report about swine flu, outside a school on Wednesdays North West tonight.

    A young lad runs across the background waving his hands in the air wearing an s10 respirator......Fecking Classic!

    well done that boys father!
  2. yup,

    saw that indeed it was a fooking classic :D
  3. Maybe the kid in a mask was a Jew, I bet the Jews are shitting themselves at the prospect of catching a non-kosher flu? There is nothing more personally disgusting to a Jew than having a germ from a pig coursing through every vein, their heart, their brain, their everything. :twisted:

    I imagine there will be a few "Oh God, why did thou foresake me" 's before this pandemic comes to an end. Superb. I imagine the Jews would rather get bum raped or shower at a German swimming pool than get Pig flu.

    Oink oink :D
  4. Not kosher or halal

    And do not kiss a copper

    And always expel into a tissue

    Aunty fairy_nuffs tips finished
  5. My daughter woke up with pig tails this morning.....

    ....... Should I be worried?
  6. Dont like Jews then Doug?
  7. Linky? That sounds like a classic. We don't get (or I don't know how to) Nationwide - sorry North West - up here.
  8. It's spread to Leeds now

  9. Who does?
  10. Who does?
  11. Jews are fine. It's more mumbo-jumbo in general that tugs my nuts. I reckon dilemas such as these are healthy for religious folks. Their choice is two fold:

    a) Accept the notion of "Kosher" animals is man-made mumbo-jumbo and discard.

    b) Accept god hates you/internal damnation of your guts and very being.

    LOL. That'll put the cat among the pigeons. Phucking warlocks and witchcraft have prevailed for too long.
  12. I knew the ex wife would achieve worlwide exposure at some point.

    Lay off the Jew insults though lads. Slag the Cafflicks (me) if you want to.

    Both the jews and the mohameddans (I know, I know) have pigs as unfit for consumption for practical reasons.

    Once butchered, that meat will go off quicker than shitt off a shovel (funny how it sticks to your shoe though).

    Most squaddies having gone ugly early, have developed a natural immunity anyway..
  13. Sparky. What is wrong with slagging off Jews, Muzzies, Pope lovers, and all the other Mumbo-Jumbo merchants? With all the aggravation they have caused over the centuries, they deserve more than a mild slagging off. IMHO
  14. I knew someone would bite quicker than a pig in a trough... :D :D
  15. Think i've got Swine flu...................i've come out in a rasher :oops: