Swine flu vaccine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jacques_Bustard, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Apparently the swine flu immunisation program starts today. Shame the Department of Health are yet to issue the necessary guidance to allow this happen safely. We still await the new chapter they’ve promised for the Immunisation Against Infectious Diseases handbook and the Patient Group Directive that allows nurses and others to immunise in the absence of a prescription. The vaccine itself is being delivered to acute NHS hospitals from today and will be sent to GP practices from the 26th Oct, but and here’s the catch, this process (by the DH’s own admission) will take up to 4 weeks and therefore it might be mid-November before all practices receive theirs and a timetable for this process has been promised but is still awaited. I’ve not seen such a f**ked up supply chain since Op Telic 1. I think the politicians and others should keep their traps firmly shut until all the necessary elements of this campaign are in place before announcing its started, all they have succeeded in doing is raising patients’ expectation of a receiving a vaccine that might still be a month away.
  2. Received 500 doses today at 11am as a non actute community outpatients service & first 25 vaccinated by 5pm, so I'm not sure where you are getting your information from.
  3. we've got ours...and we're non acute community too!
  4. We were vaccinating PCT front line staff last week.
  5. That will be chapter 23a of the Green Book which came out oddly on the day the program was launched i.e. today!

    see linky thing

    Plus PGDs & PSDs are written at a local level not DoH so talk to your managers its them in error not the DoH
  6. Still no vaccine, yep seen the new Green Book chapter now but the DH said they would produce a template PGD, no point waiting any longer so I've just written one. Very interested to hear non acute settings getting their vaccine already, it should be acute sector only but it sounds like its all got a bit muddled. Where am I getting my information from? Well its the DH themselves but hey shit why should they want to keep me informed, I'm only an immunisation co-ordinator!
  7. I understood the dead opposite, with GPs taking the lead with everyone else responsible for offering the vac to their own front line staff
  8. This is from the joint CMO/CNO letter of the 21st Oct:-

    "The vaccination programme well begin from the 21 October 2009. This is the date when the first deliveries of vaccine will be sent to NHS Acute Trusts. It will take 2-3 days to deliver to all Acute Trusts, with further supplies sent out in the following week. These supplies can be used for protecting frontline staff and patients in at-risk groups in hospital.
    The earliest possible delivery date for the first supplies of vaccine to general practices is Monday 26 October 2009. It will take around 3-4 weeks to complete the distribution of first supplies to all practices. Initially practices will receive one box of Pandemrix vaccine containing 500 doses".

    Our delivery of sharps bins has gone missing as has the second deilvery of vaccine consumables. I'd like to tell people "You'll be issued it in theatre" but I don't think the civis would understand. I guess with the complexity of the vaccation program there are bound to be cock ups and I'm sure it will sort itself out given time. I'm also concerned about the complexity of the different doses - bound to be a medication error sooner or later. That said overdosage is less of a problem than under-dosage I think.
  9. To begin with Pandemrix is the only available vaccine, Celvapan will be available later.
    The dosage depends on the the brand of vaccine and individual requiring immunisation, it goes like this:-
    Pandemrix (manufactured by GSK)
    For all children aged from 6 months of age to less than 10 years of age
    • Two 0.25ml doses (ie half the usual dose) of Pandemrix should be given with a minimum of three weeks between doses.

    For individuals aged from 10 years and adults:
    • One dose (0.5ml) of Pandemrix.

    For immunocompromised individuals aged 10 years and over
    • Two doses (0.5ml each) of Pandemrix should be given with a minimum of three weeks between doses

    Celvapan (manufactured by Baxter)
    For children from 6 months of age and adults
    • Two doses (0.5ml each) of Celvapan should be given with a minimum of three weeks between doses.
    The two vaccine brands are NOT interchangeable; where a second dose is indicated the same brand must be used for both doses.

    Pregnant women should be given Pandemrix as this vaccine appears to give adequate levels of antibodies after a single dose thereby conferring more rapid protection than would be afforded with Celvapan

    Premature infants - Influenza A(H1N1)v vaccine should be considered after the child has reached six months of age. As there are no paediatric data for Celvapan, it is advised that these children have Pandemrix.

    More information here:-