Swine flu, so whos had it?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Speedy, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Me for starters about 3 weeks back. I spent a not too unpleasant 2 days in bed almost comatose followed by a further 3 days sweating my cods off. The rest of the family followed suit pretty sharply afterwards too, albeit with slightly different symptoms.
    And considering I'm now a middle aged and unfit chubber, I sailed through it pretty painlessly, and it's NOT the living hell the media are making it out to be. Tamiflu?! All you need is paracetamol.
    Most squaddies Saturday morning hangover feels worst than that did!
  2. Most of my family have now had it, spent 4 days in the house and said it wasn't much different to normal flu.

    It's only really bad when it's combined with other complications, so i hear.
  3. Not sure but I did sneeze and came out in 'rashers'...........*gets coat*
  4. The gubmint is telling porkies about it
  5. I'm pig sick of hearing swine flu related humour.... everyone knows the government is just making bacon with the issue.
  6. One particular Army unit which shall remain nameless told the troops that if they felt 'flu-like symptoms' then they should just phone the unit Orderly Room and stay at home for 7 days rather than going sick. The next week less than half the unit showed up for work...
  7. I get hayfever if someone beats a rug 3 miles away, very amusing on the train though when I am firing out bursts of watery snot whilst shoulder to shoulder with daytrippers.
  8. Well thats Hereford for you!
  9. This was the first confirmed victim.
  10. Happened to a unit not a million miles from me as well, 7 days in an isolation block with your meals brought to you, after 2 days they had to start taking swabs to prove/disprove swine flu as more than half the unit were in isolation.

    Anyway I got it out the way very early on thanks to one of my fellow students having a pre exam jolly to Mexico followed by close contact ( 4,3 hour exams meant the whole course went down with it)

    Nothing I couldn't handle!
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Swine flu.

    Yep. It's a bit like gold fever. You see some of the blighters coming towards you in field, you get the sweats on, you get all excited, you aim, fire - job jobbed. 200lb of tasty pork on your plate.

    Aaahh, my 4x4, and my camo jacket. Thank you my good man.
  12. i quite fancy a touch of the swine flu, got a few pounds round the gut i cant seem to shift.

    Few days without much food, vomming and shitting outta do the trick, plus a few days out the office would be nice!
  13. Don't that much idea about swine flu but i know that its very dangerous. Our government has found out few cases in of swine flu, thanks god all six are negative.
  14. The government today has alerted the population to be aware of viral emails circulating suggesting that swine flu can be caught from eating pork products. A Government spokesperson said, "they were just spam."
  15. How do people KNOW they've had swine flu? It could have been ordinary boring flu!! Anyone who claims swine flu without confirmation by swab is a FLU WALT!!!