Swine Flu is Over

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RE-DSO, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. For your information, it's now safe to go outside again. Received this from my controller, in Wessex 4x4 Response

    For those who were with us last year when Pandemic Flu raised the possibility of us having all sorts of 'work'.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared the the swine flu pandemic officially over on Tuesday 10th August 2010.


    The disease was first confirmed in Mexico on 23 April 2009 with the first UK cases on 27 April 2009 and WHO raised its alert level to phase 6 (pandemic - widespread human infection) on 11 June 2009.

    We are now back at alert level 3
  2. So I can come out of the bunker then? What about global warming and cloned cows?
  3. Nobody told us down here in New Zealand. it's just been announced that we've had 5 deaths in the past 10 days, all put down to Swine Flu. A 22 year old local lad died yesterday.
  4. Mark1234, yep safe to come out the bunker but be aware the cloned cow is on a supermarket shelf near you. You'll know it by the glowing wrapper.

    Not heard of any deaths anywhere recently from Swine flu. Or is it that they are just burying the bad news with other stuff
  5. Are you joking? Now we've got bugs passing super enzymes around the place making them impervious to antibiotic treatment. Stay in the bunker, make room for me.
  6. I'll come into your bunker whenever you want me.
  7. Yes but I read in the Daily Mail that cloned cow meat is now Hallal, you need an I.D. card to buy one whilst wearing a Burka in sangate, and my Bunker has dropped in value because a Gypsy camp is now on where the School field was! I'm staying inside!
  8. Out of a chivalrous urge to protect me? You're a gentleman.