Swine Flu in Catterick Garrison

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Synergy, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. linky
  2. Happened days ago, I was surprised the news has taken so long to get out. I was expecting a leak before an official announcement to be honest. Damn I could have made some money out of this one... DOH!
  3. Wasnt a Provost Sgt was he :D
  4. A lot of pigs in that Garrison
  5. BBC
    A case of swine flu has been confirmed at Catterick Garrison - the UK Army's largest base.

    The soldier has "mild symptoms" after coming into contact with an infected person while away from the North Yorkshire base.

    He has been isolated in the camp's medical centre. An Army spokesman said it was "business as usual" at the base.

    Three of the soldier's colleagues also have symptoms and are being given precautionary anti-viral treatment.

    It is not confirmed they have the virus.

    The base accommodates about 10,000 military personnel and another 4,000 family members.

    Under plans announced by the Ministry of Defence in 2005, its population is expected to grow to more than 25,000 by 2020.

  6. Had been waiting for this, he is a recruit isnt he? Are we more at risk than the general public because we work and live so closely with each other?
  7. wouldn't worry about it I am just about over my bout of it and the good lady beagle was diagnosed on thursday. It isn't as bad as everyone thinks just like a bad cold really lots of headaches, sneezes and the trots for a couple of days. Good excuse for a couple of days off though :D
    over the top journalism, civvy panic. Many people die with complications from normal flu every year, don't think that there have been any deaths here yet have there?
  8. Ahhh, that explains it then! I wondered why my 'equipment' caught a cold after being with said pig!
  9. If you are a recruit why are you;

    1. Trying to tranfer to the RAF?

    2. Being investigated by SiB?

    3. Being posted on Telic to "strip vehicles of CES"?

    4. Whining about Unicom?

    Doesn't sound very recruity to me.
  10. His email addy sez hes not a recruit.
  11. If it is anything like the '57/'58 Asian Flu pandemic, then I suspect it will go through the camp like wildfire. IIRC by the time I came out of sickbay after 2 days, [ being the first on camp to get it,] another 1000 lads had caught it. If not then It's probably not as virulent as written about.
  12. Well cheer up it isn't man flu
  13. Wow, you realy have nothing better to do than link to my old topics. Take a look outside the window, yes thatd the world, go and explore it instead of your keyboard.

    When did I ever say I was a recruit?