Swindon lose at Forest 7-1....

I'm a really keen football fan and as a result of my REME connections always have an eye on certain fixtures.

During the dark days of Princess Marina College I made many good friends, 'Suts' being one who was a Man City fan, 'Bendy' the Kilmarnock fan, Ted from Blackburn, 'Davva' the B&H Albion guy who skived off school for the Cup Final etc.

I was one of the (only?) STFC fans at PMC and today couldn't help but think of Steve Allcock who was one of the only Forest fans I ever knew at PMC. Both of us , however, were genuine footie fans and so went to watch games in Dortmund etc when we both ended up at 5 Armd Wksp. The last time we saw each other was at 'big Verns' wedding (Spurs through and through) in 1993(?). Steve probably left in about 1994 but my point is this. How wonderful it is that as a result of serving in REME there are people I no longer see that I still think about on Saturday....

..but what a shame that Steve has the last laugh!
And Tranmere lost 0-1 ! :(

However Much it grieves me, life will go on. :?

359 days to do! :p

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