Swindon Going Wi-Fi

Has anyone else read this story, all sounds like having the possibility of being very intrusive to me, not wanting to be tin foil hat and that people can't get your information already, but through a very privately controlled network that will as a fledgling business initiative want to monitor every single bit downloaded??? and surely this Rikki guy is going to be making a lot of coin out the deal...... Thoughts please
Unless the residents of Swindon can download smack, white lightning and Greggs pasties over it I can't see it taking off.
Yeah kind of thinking along those lines too.... Sometimes I fail to think of the effect of something so immense on plankton. Obviously none have reached here yet which is good news!
It could save me a few quid. Swindon tends to get used as a test bed due to it's demographics. They tried that Mondex scheme there in the 90's and that failed.
Hhhmm saw this..

How would this effect broadband providers in the area?

Easy pickings as well for criminal attack?

How would they police torrent downloading?

Just a few questions of concern that I would have..

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