Hello all..
I start basic training at the end of next month and quite excited, i have a very good fitness level and all but i have one problem.. I am a very poor swimmer, ive tried to learn past weeks but find that im a very poor swimmer.
Now i know that for basic training i need to swim 100 metres in under 4 minutes. I think i will find this very difficult, do you think i will be backtracked until i can do it?
All replies are helpful.. Thanks..
go to local sporty and ask for a bit of coaching or lessons then practice, its not hard

freestyle/crawl is the fasted way
Most pools aren't more than 6m deep. So you know that you can swim at least 6m. The rest is just motivation.
do they still do the test in coveralls these days?
Yea i will keep practisin and tryin to learn but i only have about 4 weeks left. But what i mean is, if i do not reach the standards then, will i be backtracked?

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