Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HelterSkelter, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Possibly a stupid question but this question isn't covered on the official Army site or in my Army/T.A pack that I received today hence me asking here. Do you have to know how to swim to join the T.A?
  2. I've just recently finished my CMSR and at no point so far have i had to swim. I cannot remember if it is the joining criteria, but you certainly aren't tested on it.
  3. Ffs! Surely being able to swim, along with being able to ride a bike, tell the time and tie your shoe/boot-laces is a basic life-skill that everybody should be able to do.
    If you can't swim, you need to learn regardless of whether or not it is a requirement for the TA.
  4. According to the TA FAQ, swimming is involved. Not sure how up to date it is though.

    1: Demonstrate skill at arms - APWT ITD(1) Non Inf

    2: Demonstrate the ability to map read

    3: Demonstrate basic foot drill in quick time - with arms

    4: Apply aims of first aid - BCDT ITD(3)

    5: Carry out individual protective measures to survive NBC attack - ITD(4)

    6: >>>Attempt the Military Swimming Test <<<
  5. I was kinda thinking that myself. Does anyone ever actually remember learning to swim? Have you tried jumping in a swimming pool and seeing what happens? cant be that difficult.
  6. Only if you want to join the underwater specialist knife fighting unit
  7. The HAC and a few other units require you to be able to swim. I can't speak for the others but the HAC conduct a Mil Swim Test on the selection weekend.
  8. If God had meant us to swim he would have given us web feet.

    I can't swim, in fact I flail about like a lunatic if water goes above my ankles.

    I can however ride a bike and tie my shoe laces, just not at the same time because I kept kneeing myself in the face!
  9. The Military Swim Test, as far as I can recall, was actually a specialist qualification, and not a requirement.

    I also believe that all soldiers, like school pupils, have a right to learn how to swim if they do not know already. But this is from a sketchy memory of the TA PTI course ... I'll dig through my notes if I can find the actual literature.
  10. If I remember right from my PTI course, every TA soldier must pass the MST once during their 'careers' in the TA. There are move's afoot to introduce the MST at the RTC's, in order to fulfill this requirement. I know 43 Bde have introduced this to the programme all ready.
    For those who can't swim there is funding available through the system to pay for lessons, I believe this will again be through the RTC's (where there is obviousy now an SMI APTC NRPS).
  11. From memory, the MST only has to be attempted; unless as already mentioned a pass is a requirement for your particular Arm/Service.

    99% certain you have to pass for entry to RE - makes sense given watermanship/boat ops etc.

  12. The MST i thought was mandatory? However can see from Onthebus's post that its during their career. Is it just a one off 'test' or does it have to be done yearly?
  13. IIRC, some units have a swim test as river-crossings are part of their SOPs
  14. I only learned to swim when I was 20 (so's I could join the TA). Sure it was embarassing, but like the man said, it's a basic life skill, one that I had avoided because it was too hard. Before I joined I could shoot really well, but couldn't swim across a river. Now I can swim, but I've forgotten how to shoot. Ho hum.
  15. I had to do a swimming test during phase 1.

    First they test you can swim normally, just in trunks, then you get your 95s on and do treading water for 2 minutes and straight off into two lengths of the pool, whereupon you need to be able to pull yourself out of the water. You are not allowed to touch the sides or bottom of the pool at any time during this test.