Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ajay, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. could anyone help me improve my swimming. at the moment i can only do about 1 20m length before i'm blowing out my arrse. is it a case of keep trying or is it worth me investing in swimming lessons. all responses welcome
  2. I'd say yes to a few swimming lessons. If you're not overly comfortable in water you'll probably expend a lot of energy staying afloat and thrashing around getting nowhere very fast. A swimming coach will teach you floatation techniques, correct swimming strokes and most importantly, breathing. Once you understand these and how to co-ordinate them your stamina will improve considerably. I'm lucky - I was thrown in a pool by my dad when I was 18-months-old (yes, I do think he was trying to drown me!), was a natural swimmer and happy in and under the water from day one. 8)
  3. cheers dozy i'll get onto it asap
  4. I'd recommend the coaching as well, and your local pool will have individual as well as group lessons on offer.

    Felt a little silly at my age, when the group before is all 6 year olds who swim like fish, but you get comments on your technique, and where you're going wrong. It's a bit like drill - learn it wrong and you'll always do it wrong.
  5. Abso-feckin-lutely! :-D

    I've taught lots of adults swimming, from the person who won't even move beyond hip level water to the chap who can swim but can't do more than one length, like your good self. You MUST have at least one lesson, ideally a one to one so the instructor can have a look at your stroke and fully analyse you.
    If it is just a case of not having the stamina, then the coach will be able to help with a programme of drills, speed and distance work. If you have poor technique, and as Dozy says this can dramatically slow your speed and use up your energy, then the coach will be able to work on you.

    You're best bet is to contact your local pool who should be able to point you in the right direction. If you're in London PM me your post code and I'll give you some names!

    Best of Luck with it. ;-)
  6. What do you want to achieve Ajay? Aiming for the Olympics, don't want sand kicked in your face etc or is it just for phys?

    If it is for phys, having a poor technique etc can be good because you use loads of energy for no apparent reason but if you want to look the business in the pool invest in the lessons. Go for a good looking instructor obviously - you available flowers??
  7. Might be, but I am expensive! ;-)
  8. I'm sorry to hijack this thread, but I didn't want to make a new thread really.

    When you head for Basic training, it say's you have to have another medical, is this exactly the same as the one at RSC or is this one a little less thorough? Do you still have whip down to said underwear?

  9. Hang on... Did i read this correctly...

    Flowers is gonna analyse ajay's 'stroke' cause he might have 'poor technique' and has 'little stamina' but she might not casue she is very high class and 'very expensive'...

    How do you charge flowers? per hour?

  10. Per half hour actually Tricam! :lol: And don't start with me again, I told you already I don't want to go for a drink with you!!! ;-)

    Ajay - ignoring Tricam's exceptionally witty remarks, if you need help on the swimming front and can't find a coach in your area send me a PM

    Tricam - I'll deal with you later!!