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I've recently started swimming again and I'm doing between 50 and 75 lengths per session (1 hour). I'm doing a ratio of 2:1 in favour of breast stroke, with the other stroke being front crawl.

I met some guy who 'claims' he was a Navy Seal (if you saw him you'd understand my scepticism) and he says I should scrap the front crawl and replace it to side stroke on a ratio of 7:1 in favour of the breast stroke.

Does anyone have any opinions/advice on this?

I don't really see how side stroke is useful apart from in open water...eventually I would like to take the Army divers course, but for fitness purposes is sidestroke worthwhile?
It builds up other muscles not used in the other strokes, so you might aswell incorporate it into your regime.

Other than that i would go for frontcrawl as the base of your training and intersperese it with the other stokes as the slow period of a fartlek training session (one fast one slow)
Get a life guard to give you a few tips or even go to a swimming club , you will be amazed at how much effort and energy you waste using poor technique . I swim 5 days a week at a 50 m pool if you are swimming to improve your fitness just beast yourself , if you want to improve your swimming get some proper advice you will be amazed how much better you will . Sounds daft but when using breast stroke try to swim'' down hill'' try it you will see what i mean .

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