Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Whiskey_60, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello!

    Currently train 7 days a week (Sort of), TA Inf Soldier so it's more about gradualy improving what fitness I have rather than getting fit. My running/tabbing is great, upper bodys okay. Need some advice really, I want to include one swim per week into my training - first of all I'd like oppinions on whether it's a good idea or not considering my current routine (see below).

    Mon - 3 Miles Fartlek/Interval Trg (rotate each week)
    Tue - Tab (rotates 6/8/10 miles each week)
    Wed - Upper/Core body weight circuit
    Thur - Lower body weight Circuit
    Fri - 6 Miles best effort
    Sat - Rock Climbing (Bouldering) - 2 hrs
    Sun - 10 miles steady state

    Now I'd prefer to keep this routine but throw one swimming session in a week, haven't worked out where yet. Trouble is I haven't been swimming in years and never as part of a phys program. Can anyone suggest a good routine, not bothered about being an olympic swimmer so more of just a hanging out at the end routine really and which stroke would be best to do it?

    Thanks for any advice

  2. I would swim on the bouldering day; I would swim afterwards in order to prevent your joints stiffening up and straighten out the muscle fibres after they've been ripped from your shoulders!. It provides a touch of aerobic exercise into the day.
    I swim a lap breast-stroke relaxed then a fast lap front-crawl. It's like a fartlek session.
  3. Ahh great idea, I've been bouldering for years but it still doesn't stop my forearms/shoulders being wrecked for a day or two afterwards.
  4. I know these are designed for Tri training


    But you can play around with the reps/lengths to suit.

    Get a Pull Bouy and some resistance gloves for an extra dynamic to your training, invest in a decent set of goggles too. I tended to print off the routine, fablon it and strap it to my water bottle kept on the side of the pool for reference.
  5. Spot on, cheers for that Cait - just what I was looking for!
  6. Err how about a day off maybe? Your muscles need time to recover otherwise you will limit progress and increase the risk of injury. I too suffer from not enough days in the week syndrome too at times, though not as often as I used too.
  7. It took years to build up to 7 days a week comfortably (ie not needing 14 hours of sleep a night!) for me and I honestly find it alright. I have to eat sh!t loads and randomly find myself tired at midday from time to time but I try and not do both upper and lower body phys on the same day so each day one is resting the others working.

    I do wish there was another 2 days in the week though!
  8. I assume you have a deload week here and there though right?

  9. Deffinately! Usually 1 in every 6-8 weeks I take 5 days out doing little more than walking, climbing and the odd sets of pressups inbetween TV adverts.

    I don't see my training program as that extreme, I've got two very good mates that do more than myself!
  10. I do about 5-6 days myself.

    I don't really tab much (something I need to start doing more often), but lift twice a week (with sprint based work directly afterwards taking up to 15-20 minutes) and do 3-4 aerobic centric sessions, which range in time from 35 minutes to 2 hours (being a standup training session).
  11. piss off you fecking new year resolutionist!
  12. One that I do:

    Warm-up - 8 lengths crawl, 8 lengths breast stroke

    Session - 30 mins, as follows:

    1) 2 mins tread water
    2) Swim 4 lengths w/o touching the sides, any 'front' stroke (i.e. breast stroke, crawl). Complete in under 2 mins, tread water until the 2 mins is up
    3) 2 mins treading water (carrying on from above)
    4) Repeat stage 2
    5) Tread water for ten minutes. If you want to make it harder, on the last six alternate between arms only (legs still - quite hard) and legs only (arms out of the water past the elbows - very hard)
    6) 10 lengths, any front stroke. At least 2 breast stroke and at least 2 front crawl. Max time 6 minutes, then tread water as for stage 2
    7) Tread water for 1 minute
    8) 2 lengths, as per stage 2. Max time 1 min
    9) Tread water for 1 minute
    10) 2 lengths, as per stage 2. Max time 1 min
    11) Tread water for 1 minute
    12) 2 lengths - followed by climbing out of the pool unassisted, as per stage 2. Max time 1 min (including getting out).

    If it gets too easy, do it in coveralls.
  13. I'm coming to the end of basic and amazed at how much kudos i actually put into starting if that makes sense. If you are a fit young person and pass the selction tests then training is designed to build you up - you are not required to train yourself to a passing out standard before going in! You sound like you are doing plenty so just don't overdo it and injure yourself - you will have no problems. Pass the entrance tests and just build up gradually from there. DON'T start doing silly things like putting weight on your back. It fucks knees up. Good luck :)