Swimming test?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dano, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I went to the careers office yesterday to grab some brochures and have a talk with them to see what roles interested me and whatnot. I got the fitness brochure and am really happy with it.

    I’m just curious, at any point are you tested on swimming? I’m 20 and I used to be able to swim. I haven’t been swimming for around 8-10 years so I haven’t got a clue if I can still do it! Lol…

    If there is a test, then I’ll go down to my local sports centre and practice but if there isn’t I won’t bother.

    Thanks in advanced,

  2. only did it once in 23 years,, cheated.. passed never done again,, if theres no pool were your posted your never do it.
  3. Yes there is a test.
  4. There's a swimming test 2 weeks (correct me if I’m wrong) into Phase 1 Training. You tread water for 2 minutes clothed, then swim 2 lengths (100m) without touching the floor or sides of the pool.
  5. and then get out.
  6. Although if your fijian or ghanian and have never been near the water in your life (then you pass)
  7. Ah I doubt I’ll bother then. I’m sure I can still do it…

  8. totally right toffee its second week for most ATR's although its mark as pass/fail you will not be backsquaded for it and can carry on with the training.Also adventure training later on You will not do water based stuff if failed more than likely rock climbing/ab sailing ect...
  9. ...yeh you will come across it at some point...wether it be in phs 1, 2 or at youre unit as PT...or adv trg...Im a swimming teacher...give me a tenner an hour and i will teach you to be the best!!!

    p.s you have to make you're own way to NW of Germany :)