Swimming requirement

Hi all,

I'm hoping to be in the army before the year out so atm I'm working on the fitness side of things as atm I run a 13min 1.5mile so there is work to be done to get into infantry.

Basically my question is will I be needed to swim as I've read a few posts which point to yes and then the online advisor said at no point will I be needed to swim through training. It's not that I can't swim just I don't think I'm good enough to swim 100m+. So I'm somewhat confused as to which is the right answer, I'm off into the army office soon but figured I'd ask here aswell.

Cheers guys!


There is such a thing as the military swim test: tread water for 2 mins, swim 50m without touching the sides/bottom and then pull yourself out. I don't know at what point you'll do this, but it's not hard. it is worth working some swimming sessions into your fitness training though - swimming's a great all over body workout and it's good for relaxing tired muscles.

Many years ago it was a basic requirement for all troops to pass the test during their basic training. You could not pass out until you pased it. One day I noticed that it had popped up as a specqual on my docs. When I asked why I was informed it was due to the huge amounts of recruits who did not take / failed to pass the test before arriving in the field army. Making it a specqual was intended to be a method of tracking who could and could not swim.

You would think that swimming is a basic skill required of all soldiers - but aparently not. Even more strange my brother in the RN tells me there are plenty of matelots who cannot swim!


Tiger Monkey unless things have changed very recently your brothers having you on. No swimming test no passing out for RN.

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