swimming please help?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. i'm off to basic soon,but found out there swimming included in the training.problem is that i cannot swim even 1 METER! and never been in pool in my life,will this mean i will get picked on and laughed at by the others (training) and instructors etc...? i know it is a assesment test but im sure that majority of them will just make fun of me. just wondering what i could do? im going infanty
  2. Try moving your arms in a paddling motion whilst simultaneously kicking with your legs, oh and keep your mouth and nose above the water. Hope this helps.
  3. just mention at the earliest opurtunity that you are a non swimmer and they will/ should teach if req.
    a few guys who did basic same time as me where non swimmers and they did ok.
    there is nothing to worry about.

    though be prepared for the arrse piss taking shortly!!!!
  4. You'll do the basic military swim test. If you fail it you will have remedial swiming lessons until you pass
  5. How long do you have? If time get down to the local pool and sort out a lesson, even if you only have a couple it'll give you something to go on with, that way you won't be starting from scratch during basic.
  6. you said your goin to basic soon how soon? at leasted try get in a pool before you go
  7. Don't worry old chap, if you hold a full breath you will float like a rubber ducky. Problem is, as soon as you breath out you're going to find yourself sinking to the murky depths if you don't make the aforementioned limb movements. Your mates will probably laugh at you if this happens, but only because it will actually be funny, piss taking is a major part of being in the military and you'll grow to love it. Just remember to give as much as you get.

    I remember a few lads from my Naval basic couldn't swim either. They had to take remedial training three times a week and they all passed eventually. So no dramas, unless of course you drown. Then you will be dead and not need to worry about it anyway.
  8. i tried in a pool but start coughing and choking alot but always trying to touch the floor. if there's no floor i dont go further lol.
  9. Looks like you've made an excellent choice.

    Unless you're of Arabic descent, or the DS give you a bag of breeze-blocks to hold, you'll float. Wild thrashing of the limbs will result in some movement, although without co-ordination, directional control may be a bit iffy. If your face is submerged, don't try to breathe.

    Further tips can be found about halfway though the training film 'The Cruel Sea', just after the torpedoing scene.

    Or you could try throwing yourself into the nearest body of water and hope you've got a hidden talent you weren't aware of.
  10. If you really are worried its worth paying a few quid for some lessons, just taking yourself done the pool and having a crack is unlikely to give you great results.

    If its any consolation I blame your crap parents.
  11. Theres Me Sinking then...
  12. Then how do you know?

    Crow_bag's got it, they'll teach you.

    Carrot and the stick though, if you give up or panic they electrify the pool.

  13. ???
  14. I don't understand why people struggle to swim?

    As long as there's some sort of arm and leg movement you end up swimming along somehow.
  15. Generally, they don't struggle to swim - they struggle to prevent drowning.

    Directional control is useful in the 'assault river crossing' scenario.