Swimming @ Phase 1.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MCFCMIKE, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Heya guys, passed ADSC last week and i'm now waiting on intake date etc from my recruiting office. Pretty worried though as i'm awful at swimming, since lessons in primary school i've not really done much and as such I swim like a brick. I intend to work on it intensely between now and phase 1 but how important is it that I can swim really well immediately? I know there's a test after 6 weeks but with that length of time could I make use of the facilities and get better and stronger? Any advice is appreciated
  2. hi i dont no about the swimming but my next step in the process of joining up is my interview and then ADSC can you give me any tips on how to help me pass ADSC ?

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  4. You have to do a few laps of the pool, tread water for a few minutes and then get out of the pool. Its not a race. Don't worry about it.
  5. Well like I said, i'm going to work hard at it. So long as they don't expect you to be 'fantastic' i'm sure I can get upto speed. Thanks for the reply :)
  6. hi,
    when i did my swimming test in 2002 I was also like you, i can swim, but i doubt ill be doing the channel any time soon.
    As said above it is not a race but don't expect any sympathy from the PTI's.
    The 3 muppets conducting my test thought it would be hilarious to find a weaker swimmer and keep offering him a stick so he could give up.
    So if you don't mind water try and get in to the middle of the pool so you can do your own thing.

    I'm not tying to put you off its just what I experienced.
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  7. Get down to your local pool and get some lessons. Phase 1 is not the time to learn, and if you fall into deep water in CEFO on ex you'd be in serious danger as a non-swimmer.

    It really isn't that hard. I was "taught" to swim by being given a mask with a nose-piece (try a dive shop) and being chucked into the deep end. Soon enough I realised I would float with a little kicking, and I didn't have the problem of water in the eyes or up my nose.
  8. is there a certain time you have to tread water for?
  9. Sound advice Zulu. I have no idea why I struggle to swim but it's not a problem I have any intention of taking with me to Phase 1. It's pretty rough at 22 to have to say you can't swim but the fact is I just never really got taught properly. My GF has offered to come to the baths with me and give me some pointers so fingers crossed i'll be fine by the time I get to go, which probably won't be til January now anyways.

    On another note, what happens if (worst case scenario) you fail the swimming test?
  10. I believe its 2 minutes, im sure ill be corrected if wrong
  11. Ten past three (in the afternoon)
  12. Two minutes last time I did it.
  13. I was told 2 minutes at ADSC too. Then 2 lengths and an unaided exit (no ladders or steps)
  14. ive never been good at treading water, but i guess it will all be fine on the day :p

    good luck with your phase one mcfcmike :D
  15. Certainly when I did it it was in CS95 and boots, with a weapon. I've heard rumours that this could have changed though.