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Swimming at catterick

Unless things have changed drastically, you'll probably only do it the once (swimming test). Mind you if fail, you should get the chance for a re-take, so that'd be twice!
I used to go once a week at Sandes Soldiers Home.
It became even more enjoyable after they removed the water and it became Battle Group Trainer. Much fun and even more beer!

Sandy_The_Guvnor said:
Well recruits still pass out even if they can't swim
I'll just concentrate on not drowning then :lol:, might be a challenge! I am taking swimming lessons just now, is there somewhere near Helles where I could continue these on the weekends I'm not training?
Sandy_The_Guvnor said:
Yes the Garrison pool, i always tell joes that cant swim or are weak swimmers to go down the pool at the weekends and get some free tuition from the pool staff
Cool, I must admit that was my one main concern. Just need to overcome the Recruiters 'they're just like other inf bn, we're all elite' attitude!


Frank_The_Tank said:
Sandy_The_Guvnor said:
ga_is_ea said:
im joning the infantry.... thanks for the info lads
ok guards and line do 3 swimming sessions , where as para does 8 sessions
Sandy, What sort of standard is required for swimming in the Para Reg?
Get in one end and get out of the other. Alive preferably.

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