Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bolton_Sig, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. For the past 2 years i have been based in germany, with german car insurance, and im now posted in the uk, so i now have 2 get UK insurance so before i left germany i went and got my proof of no claims, so i was looking for insurance in the uk and put down i had 2 years no claims, swift cover was the cheapest by miles so i put my proof in the post and sent it off 2 them, look in the post this morning and have a very nice letter they cant except my no claims from germany, so since ive no uk no claims and im only 20 im going 2 get absolutley fuckin ripped off, so does any one kno of any companies which will take a NCD from Germany ?? thankx in advance
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Try Zurich, they are multinational I went with them in the UK to get my no claims up for Canada!
  3. What do you drive?
    There are some specialist policies out there for things like Land Rovers that neither accrue or require no claims.
    If you hunt around there is generally and alternative to the main stream rip off merchants
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sureterm direct were good with me!
  5. First question is how did you have German insurance on a BFG car?

    Apart from that try Norwich Union.

    Or try any one of the big multinational insurance firms instead of some corner shop no name bunch of chancers. :)
  6. First answer is: Because you have to! Versicherung offices are all over the place.

    I am happy to be corrected though.
  7. Must have changed the rules since I last played then.

    Used to be only a couple of insurance agencies recognised for BFG.

    I hope they have changed the rules as it was never as cheap as it could be if you were allowed to shop around.
  8. Ye, you have to have german insurance on a bfg car, but you can get it from any german insurance company
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I never heard that and I was there during the 80s and 90s, we were allowed to use any insurance firm we liked. It looks like someone was pishing you about.

    As has been said, try one of the bigger firms, they whould be no problem. Allianz have been ok to me in the past, recognising driving a company car for NCD.
  10. That is because I was talking bollards :) Well sort of. It was (and still is I think) that only a selected handful of UK insurance companies were valid for BFG.

    I blame the port fumes :)
  11. AXA will accept I think.
  12. I am afraid fella the previous poster was correct, you were legally only permitted to obtain insurance from a handful of insurers, who were listed in BFG SO's, I do believe however that the shackles have been released.
  13. You could try contacting our advisors as we accept the proof of no claims from your German insurance company as long as it is provided on the company letterhead and written in full English. Alternatively an insurer on our panel of over 20 UK high street insurers will base cover on the years of driving experience you have accumulated.

    If you had insured your car with Forces Financial whilst you were in BFG with one quick call we would have been able to transfer the cover for you to your new UK address – maybe another time …

    Freephone UK & Germany
    00800 11 22 33 01
    Rest of the world
    +44 1782 793 470

    Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL. Forces Financial is an agent for Abbey National plc.
  14. Double post! :oops:
  15. Back in 2003 FF quoted me £2300 TPFF to insure a 1.3 Golf mk 2 when I was 24 with 2 years NCD.

    The car had only cost me €500 FFS.

    I ended up with boxhead insurance for €700.

    Useless cunts. :roll: