Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by techno-spastic, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. excellent down to earth article, thanks for sharing, and i've donated to get my RIFLES wristband already.
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  2. A good read. The literacy standards of the Rifleman has also improved since my time with 2RGJ ;)
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  3. I've got them for the family, if I'm going to spend money, I'd rather spend it on the lads and their families than the wife's shopping missions.
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  4. likewise we all have them too. they even do a smaller band for kids if you mention it when you donate.
  5. I know, I've got one as I've got arms like twiglets...:)
  6. I use mine as a cock ring
  7. Alright for some.:sad:
  8. Anyway, back on track. What do you people think of the article, and has anyone else donated?
  9. Shameless bump.

    Come on people, get your wallets out for the lads!
  10. ..'Kin 'ell...

    Still wearing my 3 Rifles BG Afghanistan one (which still looks brand new) and the black and green RGJ one (the lettering has come off of that, good one - durch!) but will buy 2 x these for use as earrings.
  11. wonga on the way matey!!
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  12. I've been checking that website everyday since their tour began and ofc have got a fair few wristbands now. Also a brilliant insight for any potential Rifleman or soldier!
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  13. :thumright:

    Thanks mate, I've got several (or rather several hundred) muckers out there at the moment.

    Some of them have already been either claimed or maimed by IED's, and I think their families should get all the help possible, this is just one way of helping them.
  14. Indeed as the IQ level rose with your departure, do you see the link? :)