Swift way of getting rid of the civvie belly?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Random_Task, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Alles,

    Trying to get rid of a (modest) civvie belly.

    Are sit ups and swimming & running sessions the way forward? Also any idea on frequency/length of sessions?


  2. Crunches, as many as you can manage in a set, several times a day and increasing the number as your muscles become accustomed to it.
    Once you can do 100 reps and you're repeating it 3-5 times a day, your washboard stomach will not be far away.
  3. Amputation.
  4. Crunches will only make your abs stronger and harder, they wont reduce the fat. You can have a really hard set of ab muscles but if they are covered by a layer of flab you will never see them.Try doing one to two hours of LOW intensity cardio every day plus crunches every other day (to failure) plus a very sensible low fat diet.After a few months you might start to see your upper abs. Taking a combination of caffine (pro plus) and ephidrine (chesteze tablets) 2-3 hours before excercise will help speed up fat metabolism.Make sure you consume an extra litre of water per caffine tablet. Make sure you do plenty of full body stretches to stretch the abdominal cradle and make sure you do lower back excersises such as dorsal raises.
    Your abs are like any other muscle.They respond to training by repair and growth. Doing crunches every day several times a day will over train them. I mean you wouldn't do heavy squats or curls every day would you ?
  5. Echo above. Crunches will strengthen your abs, but if you've got a layer of fat over the top they can be the strongest abs in the world and no one will ever no. So the answer is there is no short answer. Try reading 'The abs diet' by David Zincenco, sadly, its a lifestyle change, but worth it. Lowering your body fat percentage is the only way. Pm if you need some more help.
  6. I guess its horses for courses, my body fat is extremely low, so my muscles although not huge, are well defined. Diet is definitely key, I'm approaching 40, and have had to lower my carb intake in the last couple of years, as I was starting to gain a little fat.
    Habit is also key, I have a regime of daily exercises that I have rigidly adhered to, with a little fine tuning, for almost 20 years. Using exercise equipment and or drugs woudnt work for me personally, as the only thing I can guarantee to have with me always, is me.
    Overall, its a lifestyle thing, if you want to be well toned, you cant eat loads of crap. Apart from moderate amounts of booze, nothing passes my lips without a sound nutritional reason.
  7. If you become a TA G4 man, your modest belly will soon be a thing of the past :D

    If that solution does not appeal, then - as others have said - you'll either need to: eat a little less, and do a little more exercise; or eat & drink as you currently do, and do a lot more exercise. For aerobic exercise, choose something you enjoy. That way, you're more likely to stick with it.

    If you do some weights to build up your shoulders & chest, your belly will be camouflaged to an extent, although that's not the same as loosing the fat.
  8. If all else fails then pop down your local butchers and do some sessions on his bacon slicer, simple and no sweat.
    Hope this hits the note.
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  10. Thanks for the info all.
  11. Buy a Prawn Vindaloo. Leave it in the open for 2-3 weeks before reheating and consuming.
  12. The Army Combat Survival Instructors Course in May. I lost a stone in a week. See your courses clerk.
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