Swift and bold

I had a day off yesterday and went shopping for birthday pressies for my Daddy.  There was a recruitment stand for the Royal Green Jackets in the shopping centre and I was openly smirked at by 5 libidinous-looking chaps in DPM (not that I'm complaining).  But I had to smile myself at the Greenjackets' motto: Swift and Bold.  Sounds like washing powder!

Any other top mottos out there?
How about the Light Infantry: "I Rise Again with Increased Splendour" (Aucto Splendore Resurgo)?

Insert double entendre here, or combine with the other Light Infantry mottos: "With a Firm Hand" (Manu Forte) and  "Yield to None" (Cede Nullis) to create your own Carry-On script.  At least they are also "Faithful".
Royal Engineers - Ubique - Everywhere
Royal Artillery - Ubique - All over the f***ing place


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

oh Ma_Sonic - you are such a funny man do you know that? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


She'd make mincemeat of me! (or could I persuade her to be a bit more gentle :) )

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