Sweet or gratuitous?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Patrick_Dempsey, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Vomit inducing.
  2. I think it's a shame that you didn't post this in the NAAFI.
  3. I was a bit worried when it said something about two sisters and a returning US Marine.

    Then it qualified it a bit.
  4. People burst into tears when they see me too.
  5. Well I think you are very handsome.In a rugged and manly sort of a way.
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  6. I'd cry too if I woke from a drink/drug induced haze to find you sitting on my chest waiting for the rozzers to arrive.
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  7. Did Princess Productions set this up?....
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  8. Wife seems well trained - as when he orders "Fix!"
    2 more gongs though: 1 for achieving 80, 000 Hits and another for 200 "Likes" above the call of duty.
  9. She probably burst out crying because she thought, "Oh ****, he's back & mum's left a box of OMO in the friggin' window".
  10. Ahh....but you all really, really smiled at the kid's reaction to seeing their Dad. I did!
  11. Whatever became of them?
  12. It's nice, but it's part of a vomit-inducing trend of these sorts of things that are then stuck on the news so all the folks at home can feel their chests swell with pride.

    That along with REMFy videos like this one, to "keep up morale". It's hard when the takeaway is over there, a hundred yards away.

    Terminal Lance - Terminal Lance “Call me Maybe: Infantry Version”

    POGilicious, as they say.