Sweet Lord! RedFox 5

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Phoenix57, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Whilst flicking through the myriad of channels on freeview I came across an advert for a new girl dance act called RedFox 5. On the advert they looked rather nubile and lovely so it would have been rude not to check out their website and 'music video'.



    I’m still cleaning myself up.
  2. Focks like a rabbit?
  3. The must be classy - they've got a "banned on tv" naked version!
  4. Disgraceful!!!!
    Not a single one of them wore a bathing cap! And don't those savages know you're supposed to get out of your bathing suit AFTER you leave the pool?

    Mind you the Red Fox with the Red Box can uncover my dining table legs anytime
  5. Thrap Thrap Thrap Thrap Thrap
  6. No sound at work. Is the song any good?
  7. How cares about the song!
  8. There is no 'song', as far as I can tell. All it is is a gratuitous porno soundtrack and an excuse for fitties to dry-hump trees.

    Not that I'm complaining.
  9. That's well and truely cheered my Wednesday up!!

    Share your wealth mate any chance of a link?!
  10. it's on the website - http://redfox5.com - "text 'goredfox' to 83055 to get the naked version on your phone"
    Alas, I'm not gonna waste any pennies on 5 ropey east european birds. That money would get me a nosh from a polish bird in my local!!
  11. I've got it. It's some kind of cunning marketing ploy to ween the teenage market slowly onto porn without having to rely on them picking a Razzle out of a hedgerow or paying a drunk meths money to buy Men Only for them. It'll be a Seven step program or some bollocks:
    Step 1 - Watch video of anorexic eastern europeans getting nekkid by pool to cheesy electro-funk
    Step 2 - Masturbate furiously to Pussycat Dolls video without caring which one used to be a man
    Step 3 - Surf the internet for fake naked pictures of Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Madonna
    Step 4 - Decide you prefer the fake naked pictures of Britney with no hair and bingo wings
    Step 5 - Spend beer tokens on "Midgets and Wild Animals in Zero-G: The Final Frontier" rather than child support
    Step 6 - Buy timeshare in a Thai Ladyboy with some bloke you met down the pub who isn't allowed within five hundred yards of a school
    Step 7 - Find God in frenzy of self-disgust, burn enormous pile of scud, format hard drive and send Tranh back to Bangkok. Wait three months and return to Step 1