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Discussion in 'RLC' started by captin_thunderpants, May 18, 2007.

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  1. have heard there has been a massive sweeper board this week and forty odd full screws have been made up of last years board.

    why is this happening 2 weeks before the board sits?, and how does it effect this years board?
  2. There is no such thing as a sweeper board. The board held in May 06 made selections for promotion for the period Oct 06 to Oct 07. Therefore, we are still in that promotion year. The additional selections you refer to were merely taken from the merit list produced in May 06 Cpl-Sgt board as additional Sgts were required to fill gaps in the Corps now. The board due to release on 1 Jun will be for promotions in the period Oct 07 - Oct 08.
  3. Petulant tw@t

    Sweeper board/review board, same thing, does it matter what soldiers call it? It's there and it happens.
  4. still a bit funny that all of a sudden there are forty slots to fill. surely somebody would have noticed before now that forty Sgt's were missing.
  5. Just wiping the coffee I just spat out off my computer.....erm where would a curious person find the results of this "sweeper" board?
  6. Bless 'em all, bless 'em all,
    There'll be no promotion,
    This side of the ocean,
    So cheer up, my lads,
    Bless 'em all.................

    Semper Eadem
  7. I've found them all hiding in the mess and told them to get back to work after they finish tea and toast so dont panic :twisted:
  8. That's a lie, we all know Save as you Starve killed that tradition off!!!!
  9. I have to agree with Bianchi on this one. There is no such thing as a 'sweeper board’ as there is only 1 promotion board, per rank, per year. The fact is that all officers and soldiers are graded by the reports in their book and the points they receive create a merit list. The number of vacancies at the time of the promotion board dictates the number of selections for promotion in that year.

    Should there be a need for additional selections for promotion in that promotion year then those additional individuals are taken from the original promotion board merit list and an additional selection list is released. Take a look at any promotion board and you will always see additional selections at all ranks as well as de-selections for disciplinary/administrative reasons. UMIN’s question is quite valid but the additional 40 selections are needed to fill newly created establishments, operational vacancies and other gaps created by PVR, death, promotion to the next rank and transfers out of the Corps.

    The key point to note here is that there are always 5 members of a promotion board, each with a maximum of 10 points per candidate. The RLC Quality Line is set at a minimum of 30 points for promotion selection. If a candidate fails to score 30 points or above then he/she will not be selected for promotion. Almost every board, held in Glasgow is subject to the same set of rules as dictated by the Military Secretary.

    Oh…..and dingerr….I think you mean that Bianchi is a Pedant; petulant he may be but not in this context!
  10. How pedantic is that? :mrgreen:
  11. Maliase is not being pedantic at all.....the 2 words have completely and utterly different meanings!

    But, if he had been more acute with his English, he wouldn't have made the common error by describing Bianchi as a pedant.

    Bianchi may be a thoroughly nice chap, but in a moment of abstract flippancy, may have made a pedantic comment - which is different, of course from being a full time pedant.

    Do you like what i did there!!

    (Malaise shame on you, didn't they learn you proper england at that sarf london comp what you went to?)
  12. Goon.

    I don’t often engage in a battle of wits with an un-armed man; but if that’s what you want then for you I’ll make an exception.

    Also, I know Bianchi well and he’d be happy with the description of him in either the noun or adjective format.

    (Now stop being more pedantic than Bianchi, dingerr or I and get back to washing your sensible family saloon you pedant)!
  13. Touche
  14. A larger than normal Sgt - SSgt requirement as a direct result of increases in TA establishments has created a 'temporary' blip in demand for Cpls to backfill the Sgt vacancies created by this increase. Those of you following the promotion boards of late will have noted an unusually large Sgt -SSgt board announced in mid Apr.

    I can at times be petulant but as has been stated my comment was more pedantic. What I was trying to convey in my reply that the sudden recent announcement of 40 Cpl-Sgt vacancies was not related to the Cpl-Sgt 2007 board but came from a merit list created in May 06. This was important as some might have believed that 'secret' promotion board had been held in Apr.

    By the way, I think it rather rude to call some a tw@t just for simply replying to someone's request for information. But, I note some posters on here have rather large chips on their shoulder. Perhaps it comes from not appearing on many promotion boards!
  15. i beleive there were are around 60 suppliers on the last sgt - ssgt board, out of the forty somethings people who have just been made up to sgt do they take the slots from the Ssgt slots or are they completely new slots all together. still leaving 60 odd vacant slots for this year's promotion board.

    exuse my english.