Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by onthesofa, Jun 5, 2009.

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  2. My understanding is that, say 20 people get promoted into 20 slots, and one decides he doesnt want that particular posting, or doesnt fit the requirement in terms of quals, etc, then a 'reserve board' sits. It doesnt actually sit, but the next ones in line with regards to points gained at the board get the nod.
  3. Correct......no sweeper boards now.....they just keep going down the list as vacancies become available....
  4. Or they hit the quality line.
  5. I had been wondering about this only yesterday as it goes when the Cpl-Sgt board came out, a mate of mine from the Inf didnt pick up his Sgt but had been expecting to as he is already acting.

    When i had explained to him that it would probably be something to do with his CLM (as he completed it recently) it turned out that his desk officer hadnt received the certificate from January, anyway it went even deeper than that, they also informed him that they didnt have any promotion certificate to qualify him from LCpl to Cpl and had the stupidity to tell him that he would have to go and do a course to get qualified, even though by this point they were in posession of his CLM certificate.

    When i advised him to speak to his RCMO (i am his line manager of sorts but not the same cap badge), his RCMO told him not to worry about it as now the CLM was sorted they would pick him up in September for his Sub Sgt.

    My concern there is that seemingly sweeper boards dont exist officially and why would they pick him up in September outside of the normal promotion boards? more importantly if they have a CLM certificate stating that he passed his CLM in January then he should have been on that board and in my view it should have been looked at now :)
  6. IIRC if you spend a certain amount of time in Acting rank you get promoted.

    All above the Quality line are listed in order of merit, so should those who are promoted not promote (ie signed off, refuse etc) there are others ready to promote.
  7. In all my time I have never known anyone promoted purely because of time served in acting rank - Perhaps there is a part of QRs that applies but I have never seen it.
  8. The way I have had it explained to me is that a review board convenes monthly. It is there to deal with issues such as SJARs that missed the original board and problems highlighted by the unit that are no fault of the soldier. If someone should have been boarded, but they weren't, then they are graded in the review board. If they score high enough that would have got them promoted on the original board then they are selected for promotion.

    No one is de-selected extra space(s) are produced.
  9. First I have heard of this as well. QRs ref please?
  10. IIRC the maximum time that is meant to be spent in Acting Rank is 6 months (if not selected from a board and pending CLM). Then the decision has to be made to promote or revert back to sub rank.

    As we all know though, it doesn't always happen like that.
  11. That was my understanding of it too :)
  12. So if 6 months is the longest for Acting rank how long for Local then?.
  13. Im sure that is for Local not Acting and the local is reviewed every six months by the CO but only MCM can allow pay at the rank after 6 or the soldier must be replaced by an acting or Sub SGT.
  14. Reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly? currently sitting 2 years later and still local Hmmmmm something's no right here then?
  15. Local rank is unpaid and can be granted by a CO in the short term (i.e to attend a course).

    Acting is paid and can only be granted by MCM div and (i think) must be in a PID for that rank.