Sweeney Todd

Just saw it today. Outstanding film. Don't be put off by the singing and dancing. The film has been put together brilliantly and is pretty funny to watch.
Its like a gothic Bollywood with loads of blood, explicit murder scenes and generally mingingness.

8/10 from me!
I didn't think that much of it, to be honest. It sounds just like every other Sondheim musical, and was about half an hour too long for what it was. The songs themselves were pretty hit and miss - some of them were well placed and advanced the story, while others seemed like they were just there to fill a gap. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter both did a very good job, and an appearance by Sacha Baron Cohen made me laugh. Visually it's got a great style to it, which is very Tim Burton, but for the hype that I'd heard around it, it just didn't do that much for me.


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Can Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter really replace Denis Waterman & John Thaw ?
too MUCH singing.....agree better with the Ry Winstone one this is mince
Tod Slaughter (his real name) is also worth a mention.
Played him like a pantomime villain, which is what he is really.
British film that came out in 1936 so it is black and white.
Not all black and white films are rubbish....
Cutaway said:
Can Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter really replace Denis Waterman & John Thaw ?
So which one did the delighful Helena play? Denis or John? :?

Seriously, watched it at the weekend and it's not bad - if you like musicals.


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I din't notice Helen Bonham-Carter too much, other than her bosoms, which dominated the film.

Worth watching 'City of Vice' on television to get in the mood.
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