Sweeney Investigates: Death of the Red Caps BBC 2 tonight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by POM7071, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Another investiagtion in this very tragic incident.

    Reporter John Sweeney searches for the truth behind the death of six military policemen in Iraq in April 2003, the British Army's worst single loss of the conflict. An inquiry found that they had been killed in a surprise attack by an angry mob and that no-one was to blame, but Sweeney reveals army blunders, equipment failures and the role of the Parachute Regiment, suggesting there was both cover-up and betrayal
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    Sweeney alys the blame with John Dolman, former Para, who died whilst working as a security guard in Iraq in January.
  3. you can read the actual findings of the enquiry on the MoD website, although it does very well at not actually telling you any thing.
  4. BBC2, 2150, 40 mins
  5. Convenient the way dead men cannot defend themselves, what is this Sweeneys background anyway? the usual Journo scumbucket?
  6. Bound to be an impartial analysis of all the facts.

  7. These kind of journos rely on the fact that a bit a controversy tends to get the viewing figures up
  8. Out the mouth of my words took.


    I think the wording "Paras had fled the area after a fierce firefight" shows the reporter's leaning.
    Paras flee?
    Yeah right!
  9. John Sweeney is noted for being particularly non-partisan in his approach, in spite of (usually) being a current affairs reporter for Radio 4. He won the Sony Radio Academy Gold award for his reporting on the Sally Clark case (mum killing her children)...

    ...and also exposed the fallacy of the 'UN is murdering Iraqi babies' story, indeed, he attracted a great deal of ire from the loony left because he wasn't swayed by the obvious human suffering. He was also the first person to open the George Galloway 'tin of worms'.

    You may also be aware of the investigation into Roman Abramovitch's billions, which also famously presented Abramovitch's earnings in terms the ordinary football fan could understand: Abramovich earns more in a week than David Beckham does in a year.

    His other great triumph was exposing the situation of the Westerners being held in Saudi, and the reluctance of the Government to assist with their plight. His investigation into the Saudi judicial system was widely regarded as a real eye-opener.

    All things considered, and notwithstanding a good journalist's enerring instinct for 'a story', he is no chum of sensationalism. As someone who despises journos - as indeed we all must - I normally find myself accepting John Sweeney's words.

    Edited to add:

    Whilst it is right to be sceptical of any kneejerk reportage that blames dead men, Sweeney isn't guilty of this. Cpl Dolman had already been investigated for alleged criminal wrongdoing in Kosovo (widely discussed on ARRSE at the time), so it's not completely beyond the realms of possibility that he was a trigger happy nut. This is not an indictment - just a fact. The distance of time permits a more objective view of events. Certainly the view in Iraq at the time of the 6 coppers buying the farm up north was that the Parachute Regiment soldiers had, in effect, left the coppers there to die - a perception not helped by Paras being witnessed cheering when the news broke. And I was one of those who watched open mouthed as they did it.

    So, let's watch the programme and then we can tear him to pieces!! :D :D :D
  10. I'm inclined to echo Calypso's thoughts. Sweeney is a pretty good journalist - and they do exist - but in any case, journalism is like anything else: if a journo shows how he reached a particular conclusion, then it's good journalism and worth listening to/watching, even if you don't agree with it.
  11. Well, since the MoD and Army leadership apparently no longer feel obliged to take any responsibility for the actions and/or deaths of their junior subordinates, I'm all for a bit of journalistic muck-raking. 'Hope he has looked at:

    [self censored at this point; I'll watch the programme then re-post]
  12. Be fair - these are busy people. They also had to deny responsibility for procurement feck-ups, kit shortages, make major cuts in defence capability, and apologise for a some photos of looters being humiliated. At the moment, they're busy making sure we all receive our electoral registration leaflets 'by early February'. Where would they find time to ensure that these deaths were properly investigated, and those responsible brough to justice?

    I shall watch this evening with interest.
  13. I now look forward to seeing a couple of new members, who will advise us that the case is over, and the findings are correct.

    This remains a hot one, and once again Gentlemen , I'd ask those of you, especially those closer to this incident than most, to keep your own counsel.

  14. topic OFF

    LOL, good point VB, presumably no-one has seen the leaflets yet :?:

    I just hope they have not been consigned by the same means as HCW's comfy box

    topic ON
  15. Excuse me? para's cheering when the news of the MP's deaths was released.