Swedish Urban Exercise

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Effendi, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Quick clip I found interesting, a definate WTF moment.

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  2. could you picture that in the uk,
    no room to get on at the best of times never mind trying to put the CG in the luggage rack, that's if there's not a strike on
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  3. Mighty effective cover those street signs provide donchafink...
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  4. Yes

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  5. They are needed, since especially in Malmö there are often riots and fights due to the immigration policy. Almost half of the population there have foreign background.

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  6. whats that on the L/CPLs hip looks like a bugle to my aging eyes
    and what is the point of the exercise,detering putin or getting ready to put down a uprising of grateful newcomers
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  7. It certainly does.
  8. I would pay good Krone to see yer man let loose with that Charley G down the length of the platform. Once the dust settles, not a person standing either in front or behind.
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  9. Thick black facecam yet lily white hands on display by the guys at the back. Must have lost their gloves
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  10. was it wise to post that photo,"fecking peelers" will be knocking on their door for war crimes in the morning.
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  11. @Robs dad

    Is that what it is!

    I thought it was the Skallsgård West Indian Division (Territorial).
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  12. More here.
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  13. I think in the not too distant future some real Swedish citizens would pay even bigger Krone to see a few loosed off in Malmo and some of the other suburbs as depicted above in that clip.
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  14. So you think they are expecting something soon?
  15. Bigger risk is the 'new Swedes' braising up the 'old'. I have contacts in Malmö and have no rush to go there. Would rather visit Bradford. Or London.
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