Swedish Recruitment Ad - Hilarious!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redshift, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. As an American, this really does crack me up. And it's actually true, if you look at all the U.S. military ads!

    Honest Swedish Army Commercial - YouTube

    We do seem to like our Hollywood background score, voice overs, and cheesy statements. This one clearly shows the difference between the two approaches:

    American Vs Swedish Recruitment Ads - YouTube

    To be fair to the U.S. military, if they show just how crap it really is out there, they probably fear that no one will actually join. We Americans do like our reality a bit sugar coated. It's in our culture I suppose. Still, might be nice to cut down a bit on the corny stuff.

    Either way, still proud of all the boys (and gals) fighting out there in the shit.

    p.s: I am not sure if the video link had been posted here before, so apologize if it's a deja-vu. I tried the search, but nothing relevant showed up.
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  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I don't know. I think exclusivity and an explicit challenge are a draw all by themselves. The USMC ads have always played on this to a degree: "The Few, The Proud"; "We Don't Promise You A Rose Garden"; "If everyone could Get Into The Marines, It Wouldn't Be The Marines"; etc.
  3. I completely agree, but would nice to tone them down a bit.
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  4. To bad that our MoD boneheads are following the american way of advertising too :-(... adds like that only draw the wrong kind of people(at least in germany)
    Bundeswehr recruiting video - YouTube

    The swedish one really hits the nail better!

    Personally I'd like something that gives you more feeling of reality---like smell samples: this is how you'll smell after 5 weeks in a COP :)
    Don't know If that will pull many recruits though.
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  5. Define "Hilarious"?
  6. As in funny and sarcastic.
  7. Any of them are better than the Australian defence force recruiting ads which would make you believe the only role they play is disaster relief. They never show the pointy end stuff.
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  8. Footage of a Bushmaster hitting an IED might slow recruiting somewhat...
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  9. It seems that you could all learn a thing or two about cheerful recruiting campaigns from us Brits:

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  10. You mean something like this?

  11. I seem to like this better tho ;P
  12. Kitchener did it first and better, as did the fat pearly king John Bull!

  13. Is every piece of kit you folks use called a Bushmaster?
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