Swedish Gov attempts to contact their nationals

Saw this:

The Swedish government has sent text messages to everyone who has a Swedish telephone in Thailand, hoping to gain some answers as to the whereabouts of some of the missing.



and thought 'what a stroke of genius'.

I only hope they get a better reponse than the CCRF texts which were sent out recently.

The Sri Lankans did that yesterday to all foreign phones on the island.

They were able to triangulate and rescuse a number of foreigners stuck on small islands.

Good thinking

Good uses of technology by the Swedes and Sri Lankans.

ICRC has set up a website for relatives of missing persons to register and exchange info. Similar arrangements were useful during Kosovo refugee crisis, and there are still online missing lists from both Bosnia and Kosovo. This one could however require significant bandwidth and server capacity for the first few weeks, particularly if journos and idle surfers try visiting it too.
The BBC says we sent out an aircraft with tents and plastic sheeting.
Hi dui-lai

Main effort I think is the emergency telephone number staffed by police and other trained volunteers and operating I think from Hendon Police College. I havent heard of any official UK website set up to exchange info with the public. FCO probably reckon its easier to filter out the loonies and timewasters on the phone rather than online. Embassies/consulates could be doing other things in-country.

The FCO has set up an emergency number 020 7008 0000, specifically for worried relatives and friends who wish to check on UK travellers directly affected by the tsunami or to pass on information about them. For flight or travel related enquiries contact tour operators or airlines. Travellers in the region should aim where possible to contact friends and relatives in the UK to let them know their whereabouts or condition. For general travel advice, read the travel advice for the affected countries or telephone 0870 606 0290.
Perhaps Poppy can tell us if FANY are involved - I believe the Met Police Casualty Bureau is part of their remit.

Has Bliar returned from his holiday yet?
ViroBono said:
Perhaps Poppy can tell us if FANY are involved - I believe the Met Police Casualty Bureau is part of their remit.


MPS casualty bureau works for both the MOD and FO in these situations on a regular basis . It is staffed from trained officers taken from Borough commands and is actually used quite alot. The "FO advice number" is infact the Cas cell's.

The MPS has sent a number of body recovery and Family Liason Officers to Far East Asia in the last 24 hours. More are likely to be sent.

There has been quite a bit of work done in both Indonesia and Sri Lanka by various parts of the MPS in the past and this will probably make things easier.

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