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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Hasn anyone here been on joint exercises with the Swedes?

    How does their kit and tactics rate to ours?

    I have a friend who serves in the Stockholm regiment (I'll need to get more details - 'Griparna' I think). He said that the British forces are very well trained but lack the right equipment, which is nothing new to us.

    He says that their STRV 122 MBT (Leopard 2 (S) - modified Leopard 2A5) is the same as the Challenger 2 except for having better 'fire/command system'. Which I think is the integrated communication/navigation/tactical package they use.

    They also have the new CV90 AFV/IFV which is meant to be better than the Warrior AFV.

    They use the AK5 assault rifle as standard for infantry. As for operations they've been in Bosnia and Kosovo and also in Liberia.

    He also mentioned that it's standard practice for them to take over certain sections of towns or cities for exercises. Such as blocking areas off then rolling in armour and infantry and conducting exercises there. I couldn't believe it but can anyone confirm this?

    If this is posted in the wrong section please let me know!


    P.s I'm not a snooping journalist and I'm not writing under a nom de guerre. Well I am since I'm using a nickname but aren't we all!
  2. Do the swedes have anything that was actually battle tested? That would be my first question to him.
  3. I'd like to battle test her... :twisted:


    I've worked with them a couple of times on exercise. Like all the other Scandinavian countries, they came across as been very professional and switched on. Not to be under-estimated IMO.
  4. Well they are a very diverse Army that's for sure.

    Even if they lack a little discipline amongts conscripts.

    The blonde hair doesn't really fit in with the cammed up look.

    But who cares when they have lovely women?
  5. Met a few on NATO courses, they all seemed pretty good to me. Quiet, unassuming and good skills. No idea what their weapons and vehicles are like, but their field uniforms and personal equipment looked like it had had (shock, horror) some money spent on it.

    I'd echo the_matelot, not to be underestimated. And the bit about the bint...
  6. I think their regular forces are actually very small,like most Scandinavian nations,it relies upon reservists & Home Guard types. The Swedish Home Guard is bigger than the Swedish army's infantry component.

    Hasn't a Swedish sub recently been attached to the US Navy in the Pacific?
  7. put it this way i would rather have them fighting with us than the french! bdw i agree about most european equipment never being battle tested so until i see a Leapord 2 in the desert chally2 is still the best
  8. I was very impressed by them in Kosovo, acutely professional, without a doubt in the top 10% Globally.
  9. And we shouldn't forget, if the historical record counts for anything, that the Swedes have a formidable military history - Carl Gustav, The Great Northern War and all that. At one time Sweden was THE military power in Europe.
  10. The "neutral" Swedes were also (ahem) not entirely indifferent to Mr Adolf in WW2 which caused a few problems over here. Of course, they say a different matter... And in the pictures, why are all their military pointing their weapons at a poor coloured gent lying on the floor. Hardly the inclusive nation they claim.

    (Actually, seriously, Sweden is having some problems with immigrants in Gothenburg that is reportedly leading to no go areas and the like.
  11. I worked with them alot during my National service in the FDF. Always found them nice enough blokes, always well trained for the amount of time the spent doin national service, kind of like us Fins!! though certain elements lacked the "motivation" to do things!
    Dont know about british equipment, but their rifles are ace, very reliable. Good webbing too, though i think the Finnish webbing is better.

  12. I was in Pattya Thailand when the current Iraq conflict started , there was about a dozen Swede military bods staying in the same hotel as me ,
    they were huge to say the least.
    Their whole morning evolved around watching the little Vikings (Brits) kick arrse on the news.
    They also banned me from drinking neat vodka with them as I kept collapsing after 45 mins.
    The bar we drank in belonged to a mate of theirs , it was next to the arab sector so a pigs head was put in the window.
  13. Scandinavian regular troops tend to be pretty well equipped as I understand it. Someone here already said that those armies are pretty small, relying on reservists. They generally have an impressive array of H&K weaponry with addons and gadgets to boot

    I think pride in their viking heritage has a bit to do with it
  14. I've always had a healthy respect for the nordic countries - The Danes in particular have a first rate set of armed forces.
  15. And don't forget the Vikings! :D

    Seriously, did'nt the Swedes build the first "Stealth Boat"? ISTR Clarkson mentioning it a few years back.