Swedish Army Surplus Trangia

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by zippy483, Jul 30, 2005.

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  1. Has any body used this particular bit of kit (not the full size version), I was thinking of acquiring a few for my cadets on the premise that they must be better and safer than hexy (have known soldiers attempt to eat hexy blocks let alone cadets). Any comments or opinions would be gratefully recieved.

  2. I used to swear by my Trangia - it's a great little cooker and amazingly fast. It has its negative aspects (IMHO) which include a lack or robustness about the cooker top itself (which can dent quite easily), complete arrse to fill when cold, and actually quite heavy for what it is. You also need to carry around liquid fuel for it, unless you get one of the multifuel ones - bit slower overall.

    Having said that, if you're not really after a stove for your webbing, and the weight issue doesn't concern you, and you have the ability to get the fuel to the stove when required, I'd go for a Trangia. I took one on Cambrian Patrol and my battle buddy and I enjoyed piping hot scoff and lots of brews on one tank in record time!

    Not shure if I'd have wanted to take it on a really long patrol, though! ;)
  3. Can I suggest that you check local regulations as children are involved. In the area I work in, the local authority does not permit the use of camping stoves that use liquid fuel, or gas stoves that use the type of gas canisters that are punctured, on any kind of activity in which children are taking part. That applies to cadet units based in state schools too. I have to comply as they are my employer!
  4. Good point not sure of regs but have heard of other kids in my county using trangias, would also welcome comments on the crusader stove and metal mug if any body has had any dealings with them.

  5. Got one , what do you need to know ?
  6. The usual stuff how long it lasts on a fill how long it takes to boil say a pint of water, how heavy is it, is it practical for a cadet to carry it in a webbing utility pouch, all that assuming you have the trangia (Swedish army surplus).

    And all of the same but including what is the best fuel Hexy or gel packs assuming you own the crusader

    Oh and for both can you get a boil in the bag rat pack meal into a. the large billy on the trangia and b. a metal mug for the crusader.

    Expense would dictate the trangia all things being equal at about £9 a pop you cant go wrong as opposed to £20+ for the crusader and mug combo.

  7. There is no safe child/cadet proof way of cooking, either cook it yourself and hand it over to them or stick them on hard routine.

    These are sad times with some sad people writing the rules and regulations, you want to try teaching survival skills to cadets!

  8. ========> I hear the trianga is a bit heavy
  9. Meths will be the danger using this with cadets.

    Knocking it over
    Refuling whilst still burning or hot.
    Spare fule.

    Right training and supervision, should be ok.
  10. I have just spent a tenner on one, more out of curiosity than anything else but I decided it could be a usefull back up to my Optimus 123 climber stove. (A Trangia spirit burner is a tenner by it's self!)
    I have been doing a bit of experimentation with it and think it's brilliant for the usual boil in the bag rat pack stuff but I didn't get on too well with the fry pan, but equally so I reckon the fry pan would be very good for poaching fish and eggs ect. (A crude wooden handle for the fry pan is almost a must)

    If I were in a position to issue it to cadets (scale of one stove to 2 cadets) I would make sure that I also bought with each stove an MSR or Trangia pan gripper (£4?) as the billy needs a bit of direction to pour it into mugs and the gripper would be very useful to lift cans out of the billy if you are heating puntured cans. (I used to think that the beret was invented to lift hot cans out of mess tins)
    The gripper works well to lift the wind shield out of the way to get to the spirit burner as well.

    All in all ten quid well spent, I may even buy another one and make a base for my 44 Patt mug and MSR Titanium kettle, perhaps I could even alter the Crusader stove to take the burner?......................................................................Mrs Tombs is a little concerned to see me brewing up in the garden at my age!
  11. If you get the crusader, dont bother with the PTFE coated mug. It will last for exactly 3 mins before peeling, so get the steel one. Other than that, its a very efficient cooker and the mug is quite high capacity. It also has measurements marked in the inside of the cup.
  12. seems a bit od for youth groups the Trangia the big ones is practicly obligatary.
    comes with everything you need difficult to break
    fuel is non pressuirised so no potential dramas seen the old gas stoves go flame thrower like same with peak one and unlike hexy but less chance of setting the rest of the countryside alight.
    unless your going to use MRE heaters ( even then woody would probably show them how to make MRE bombs :evil: ) the little darlings are going to be exposed to naked flames and dangerous fuel :roll:
  13. I've got 6 of those buggers at home. Do tell how we make them into calorific IEDs?
  14. Hey guys,

    Just got my army trangia, which I cannot wait to try out. A question though. Is there anyway to secure to black storm shield to the pots when packed away? Also is there such a thing as a printed manual for it. I know how to make it work, but just out of curiosity. especially to explain why there are 2 "ridges" in the handle, how to pack the hook away without ripping other things in you bag etc

    many thanks