Swedish armed forces kit problems

The Swedish armed forces have been hit by a major equipment problem, according to reports. Flimsy military brassieres are unable to stand up to the strains imposed when female Swedish troops perform "rigorous exercises", routinely bursting open or even catching fire - so forcing busty young conscripts to hurriedly strip off in the field.

swedish military bras

Not sure whether this is NAAFI, current affairs or QM....
This is the second thread on the subject, this would clearly be a NAAFI topic were there any pictures of said Swedish soldier with "melted bra" dripping off a set of cracking norks. If, and this is just a guess, the faulty bra was made out of some sort of chocolaty substance, I am sure the brave ladies in the Swedish All Arms Bone-athon Batallion (SAAB) would fearlessly leap to the aid of their stricken comrade and, with no fear for own safety, attempt to lick the offending bra into submission, whilst at the same time ensuring the poor girl was warm enough by vigourously rubbing themselves over her naked body...........and wait, who's that in the background? Is that the washing machine repair man? He sure looks like Duckula.............................. :cry:

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